Doug Grammer

Doug Grammer of Walker County has announced that he is running for PSC. Doug is the former YR State Chairman and ran for 9th District GOP Chair and lost to Kevin Harris.


  1. moocher says:

    I think there is going to be a lot of folks in the GOP primary for PSC. Can’t wait to see the turnout for a GOP Primary runoff for the PSC.

  2. GOPGeorgia says:

    Hello all. I have visited peach pundit many times, but have never felt a compelling need to post anything until now. I have had a few friends across the state that include a few District Chairmen, State Representatives, and State Senators to ask me to consider running for PSC. As of right now, I am uncommitted and considering how viable a candidacy would be. I am officially undecided and not announced. I am flattered to even be mentioned as a possible candidate and thank all who have expressed their support and have even offered to host fund raisers for me. There are a few more people I will need to discuss this with. I want to make sure that what happens next would be the best for myself, my party, but most importantly, best for the people of Georgia.

  3. Dcatamount says:

    Run Doug, Run! I know that you have been a HUGE influence with the Georgia Young Republicans and hope that you do well if you decide to run for PSC.

  4. Demonbeck says:

    “There are a few more people I will need to discuss this with.”

    Ending a sentence with a preposition? Someone needs to call the Grammer police.

    Sorry, I just had to.

  5. Demonbeck says:

    Ending a sentence with a preposition is now proper. In the past, you would have had to say, “There are a few more people with whom I will need to discuss this.”

    I just wanted a reason to type “Grammer police.”

  6. GOPGeorgia says:

    After having several positive conversations and seeing an opportunity for a healthy campaign, there are still one or two things missing that would give me the right mix to run for statewide office. Most importantly, my business and my customers need to be taken care of. I have not found someone that could manage my business to my satisfaction in just a few days. I am honored to be thought of as a potential candidate and I would love to serve the people of Georgia; but the time is not right.

    Thank you all for your support,


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