Announcements and rumors there of…

As reported here, Brad Scott has announced for Ron Forester’s seat.

Also, I hear via my Gnome in the Dome that Tommy Sandoval is going to announce for the PSC to replace Spier.

Rumor also has it that Sen. Curt Thompson of Norcross is going to qualify for that seat on the Democratic side, so there will be an opening there too. Or Maybe Not

Consider this an open Qualifying thread.

Updated to Add:

Crotts may run against Sen. Douglas in the GOP Primary
Shafer is NOT running for the PSC as IA previously reported. Quoth the updated article:
However, Shafer said Friday morning he plans to seek re-election to the Senate. “I am fully focused on winning re-election to the State Senate and keeping our Republican majority in the General Assembly,” Shafer said.

Two other names being bandied about for Spier’s PSC seat are DemocratRepublican Lauren “Bubba” McDonald and Roger Lane. McDonald lost the seat to Spier in 2002. Lane is a lobbyist for the Georgia Oilmen’s Association.


  1. shep1975 says:

    I was not the Sandoval leak! I am also taller than most gnomes.

    So much for the rumor of Tommy running against Shafer. It would be cool to have to PSC Commissioners as regular bloggers on here!

    Good luck Tommy!!

    …and to all qualifiers, don’t forget to sign up for Top Gun Training with Erickson (amoung others) if you’re a new candidate and need to learn campaigning skills.

  2. GOPGrassroots says:

    How about Kevin Harris, current 9th District GOP Chair? He would make a very interesting candidate. Nice guy, true conservative, well spoken.

  3. Had Enough says:

    hearing that mike evans is being pushed to run for it and may just be considering it too.

    pretty sure that bubba doesn’t live in that district anymore.

  4. sndeak says:

    I just talked to Sen. Curt Thompson. He is NOT running for the PSC position. He plans on qualifying on Monday for this current State Senate District 5 seat.

  5. Had Enough says:

    was just told that nancy schaefer has changed her mind yet again cause terry rogers is staying in the senate race. terry rogers in, butterworth probably in/don’t know, and schaefer back out.

  6. moocher says:

    hearing that mike evans is being pushed to run for it and may just be considering it too.

    I’d love to know who is “pushing” him, does Gina want to work at the PSC?

    Perhaps Nancy Schaefer will get in the PSC race for a Schaefer / Evans match-up.

  7. ProfG says:

    Don’t forget about John Monds (PSC 1) and Brandon Givens (PSC 4)! I’ll bet they go all the way and get 6% this year!


  8. davidinflowerybranch says:

    HAHAHAHAHA…. Stop!….. You’re killing me………

    Ouch…. My side……

    Eddie Munster?… I mean… Tommy Sandoval?

    Running for anything??


  9. emyscott23 says:

    I feel the same as davidinflowerybranch! Give me a break. It looks like it is a political season for the story tellers! I wonder if Brad and Tommy got together to decide who would run for what? Ha!Ha!Ha!

  10. kevin35 says:

    I am making calls to raise money to run for the PSC seat and will have a webpage up soon. I know Spier and hope she would endorse me to take her seat. If you click on my name and it goes to the webpage for the old house seat ignore it. I thought the Top Gun training was this weekend not next was I wrong Erick.

  11. Harry says:

    Tommy Sandoval is one of the hardest working young members of the Gwinnett GOP. He presents himself very well. Participates in every meeting I’ve ever attended. I wonder if these comments are coming from Uncle Fester?

  12. kevin35 says:

    moocher I would run as a Republican, I promised my dad after having fun that one time, I would fly straight and not forget my roots. If anyone has a way to contact David Shafer and let him know feel free my dad had his number and I have no clue where my dad kept his book.
    I think David could help raise the money I need to run.

  13. Donkey Kong says:


    Unfortunately for you, you are running against a very good man in Sean Jerguson. It tells me a lot about you that you are so adamant against him. I definitely plan to help Sean get re-elected. I don’t know much about you, but that it is even a question between whether you would run as a R or D tells me enough.

    I would encourage my fellow PP brethren to look into Sean and support him as well. He’s a good man. We need more like him.

  14. Bill Simon says:


    Like SO many other things, you know absolutely nothing about what you speak. Sandoval is a member of the Gwinnett GOP Riff-Raff Society (even though, for the last 5 years, he has told people he is STILL “building a house in Hall County”).

    I also hear he drinks alcohol on Sunday, Harry.

  15. kevin35 says:

    Hey donkey if you want to fuel the fire then bring her question was related to the last campaign. I even said this week on the radio I was running as a Republican do you even know why I did want I did. If not then shut up and talk to Sean before you open your mouth, Sean and I are friends and if you knew Sean then you would know that and if you knew who I was then you would not question anything regarding my stands or positions so go read the emails I sent out and if you want to fire some more bombs like my dad I can stand my own so bring it. By the way if Sean and I ran against each other in the primary I would take votes from him ao take that to the bank and deposit.

  16. moocher says:

    Why not just run in the Dem primary with Bubba and then the best of you guys would have a clear at the Republican.

  17. Bill Simon says:

    Yeah, Donkey! Yeah! Take THAT! And THAT! And, an uppercut THERE!

    (Really, I don’t have a cat in this fight…I’m just screwing around…)

  18. kevin35 says:

    moocher were you asking why I would not run as a Dem, I think the answer on that one is clear. I did it for fun and gave my father a heart attack and mixed in some strokes then he died. Do you really think I would run even for laughs as a Dem. I would rather be ripped by a RINO then call myself a democrat and by the way, the guy who did my webpage changed the code so I could not even change the words if I tried.

  19. kevin35 says:

    By the way, one odd note here, Bubba sang at my dads funeral and Spears was in the front row. I must say looking back on that day and looking at what happened thats just the damnest thing that could have happened under a church roof.

  20. Harry says:

    Bill, can you give some more details of that group so I can decide if I’m really a member? Is it a small minority or a large minority? Who are some members and non-members thereof?

  21. Bill Simon says:

    The following are the stalwarts of the Gwinnett County Riff-Raff:

    Kathryn Gartland
    Judi Quigley
    Kathy Hilderbrand
    Debbie Ellis
    Tommy Sandoval

    There are some others in Gwinnett…I’m sure someone will remind me of them via e-mail…

  22. Bill Simon says:


    Stan Wise, but this isn’t his cycle….BUT…I wouldn’t be surprised if Stan’s sidekick isn’t thinking about running for it…

  23. Bill Simon says:

    Right, Harry. They are doing the “heavy lifiting” because they have driven away anyone who doesn’t toe their line of being a lying whack-job.

  24. Bill,

    Harry is a very decent, very smart guy. He doesn’t deserve that. I think he’d say positive things about most members of the Gwinnett GOP, regardless of groups.

    I’m not sure the Gwinnett group is quite as divided against itself as you might think. Most of the party is working together pretty well, actually, regardless of which candidates or ideas they support.

  25. Bill Simon says:

    Actually…let me rephrase that:

    They are doing the “heavy lifiting” because they have driven away anyone who doesn’t toe their line of either being a liar, a whackjob, or both.

  26. Bill Simon says:


    I don’t think you’re quite aware of WHO used to be involved in the Gwinnett GOP and who is no longer really involved. I point to you the existence of the Lincoln Club and the ones who are involved in that.

    Ratfinks like Sandoval, Gartland, Quigley, and Cobb’s ex-Queen of Troublemaking, Debbie Ellis, successfully worked to drive away good, HONEST, longstanding members (i.e., the former “heavy-lifters” of the Gwinnett GOP) of the county party.

    People like Ben Satterfield, Julianne Thompson, Joan Zellner, Michael Sullivan, et al.

    Mark, it’s not a matter of “being divided against itself.” It’s a matter of a bunch of power-hungry liars taking over the county party (JUST like a group of them did in Cobb for 6 years) and driving away anyone with any integrity.

    Of the crew in there now, I would say Brandon Doty is the most reliable when it comes to dealing with anyone who has integrity.

    I don’t know Harry, but the fact that Harry thinks all these people (especially Sandoval and Gartland) are people of integrity proves to me that Harry is quite the gullible, and easily misled, member of the Gwinnett GOP.

  27. dudelove says:

    “Who is the utility companies’ candidate?”

    If you go by past voting records; Bubba McDonald has one that makes Stan Wise look like Ralph Nader.

  28. Harry says:

    Bill, we visited (sat together) last year at the GOP Liberty Caucus, at the state convention. After a time, you got bored and left. No problem. You’ve got the wrong read on Gwinnett…Joan, Ben et al are valued members actively engaged in leadership roles. No one has left, in fact the county party has healthy growth. Yes, there have been minor disagreements but I see absolutely no indication of disharmony going into the election season. After all, we support the same basic GOP values.

  29. rabuncountyman says:

    “was just told that nancy schaefer has changed her mind yet again cause terry rogers is staying in the senate race. terry rogers in, butterworth probably in/don’t know, and schaefer back out.”

    Nancy could be elected statewide if she ran for PSC. It is her best bet to win elected office this year.

  30. Bill Simon says:


    You must have me confused with someone else as I did not participate in the GOP Liberty Caucus event at last year’s state convention.

    With regards to Joan and Ben, you are also wrong as Joan Zellner was pushed out of her role in the GOP party due, specifically, to acts by Debbie “Couldn’t Tell The Truth If She Knew It” Ellis, Ratfink Gartland, and Ratfink Sandoval.

    Ben Satterfield was replaced on the elections board by none other than Ellis, a person who hadn’t served even 6 months as an activist in the Gwinnett GOP< by that complete doofus of a county chairman you folks have. From what I understand, she is the laughingstock of, not only the other members of the elections board, but the administration of the board as well.

    Prior to Greg Howard’s “stewardship,” the Gwinnett GOP was around 200 dues-paying members. In March of 2007, that number had dropped to around 100….all due to Ratfinks Quigley, Gartland, and Sandoval driving people away with their pack of lies.

    Frankly, I’d LOVE for Sandoval to run for PSC…that will get me excited about writing the Vine more often.

    If you continue to play this stupid f*cking game of claiming who’s involved with the party (when I know differently), one thing’s for damn sure, Harry, is that I will never trust one word you ever say.

    AND…as it is right now, I know for a fact YOU are a diehard member of the Riff-Raff of the Gwinnett GOP…and, like them, seek to lie in the face of truth.

  31. emyscott23 says:

    Ben Satterfield is a wonderful person! I will never have anything else to do with the Gwinett GOP. I think that their is someone just like Sandoval in almost every County. You have that Brad and Brian in Northwest GA. I am not sure of the counties that they are in. I hear that they also are like Sandoval when it comes to telling the truth about what county they are from.

  32. Jason Pye says:

    You must have me confused with someone else as I did not participate in the GOP Liberty Caucus event at last year’s state convention.

    True, Bill, you didn’t. However, you were at the Peach Pundit gathering after the RLC convention because you and I chatted a bit.

  33. Bill Simon says:

    Oh, at the Loafing Leprechaun? I was there long after that event convened. I forgot that was an “event.”

    Perhaps Harry was correct after all. Still, I have no recollection of meeting him….and, I was there having dinner with DrJay and his lovely engineer-wife for awhile.

  34. Harry says:

    Bill, I was at the Seventh District convention the other day – which is 95% Gwinnett – and Ben and Joan both had key roles in that convention. I know there was a problem in 2007 in regard to the county chair election etc., and I was aware Joan had left for a time; but was under the impression that any recent “unpleasantness” had been overcome. I like all these people. It seems to me the whole thing was overblown. Sure, there are differences in any organization, but compared to what?

  35. Bill Simon says:


    “Key roles” in the 7th District is NOT a “key role” in the Gwinnett GOP.

    Van Gundy has been elected twice to chair that district, and he likes people who are honorable to serve on his committees. Sandoval, Gartland, and Quigley won’t be considered “honorable” in this lifetime.

    Overblown? Yeah, right. When a pack of hyenas start lying about everyone, that’s just “overblown hype,” huh?

    Harry, you’re not a “gullible member” as I implied above. You’re an active member of that group of liars. Your “overblown” comment just blew your facade WIDE open.

    Stop while you’re far behind on the truth meter…or, just dig your stupid self in a whole lot deeper. Be like Tommy. Be notable for being an idiot.

  36. Bill Simon says:

    Harry, Part II

    Lying isn’t considered to be a matter for a “difference of opinion.”

    Sounds like you are being hand-fed information from Debbie Ellis via e-mail.

  37. Harry says:

    I am not now and never have been knowledgeable of the activities of Debbie Ellis except for information your e-mail has hand-fed me. Now I’m going to google on Debbie Ellis.

  38. Bill Simon says:


    AGAIN, let me repeat: Lying about people is not a matter of a “difference of principles”.

    Just because you think all members of the GOP link their arms around the GOP concepts at election time doesn’t mean all of us tolerate lies told by other members.

    We are not one big happy family where we ignore the acts of questionable integrity from others. Take off that pair of rose-colored glasses someone glued to your face when you joined the party.

  39. davidinflowerybranch says:


    What part of Greg Howard having people nominate him to take over the convention run by Van Gundy (who appointed Joan and Ben to those positions) didn’t you understand was a demonstration of the fact that Greg’s crowd doesn’t know how to play nice?

    Like Simon said…. oops… Joan and Ben weren’t part of the Convention because of harmony in Gwinnett County… it was because Van Gundy respects their input and participation…. something that… based on Greg’s prior activities has shown… Greg doesn’t have for them… After all… he’s been around for a whole 4 years or so in the party!

  40. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Rabun County-

    Arn’t Nancy Schaefer and Bubba neighbors, both living on the same street in Habersham?

  41. Bill Simon says:

    One correction: I withdraw Kathy Hilderbrand’s name (and, ONLY Kathy Hilderbrand’s name) from the list of the Gwinnett County GOP Riff-Raff Society. She does not appear to be “in” with the ratfinks.

  42. debbie0040 says:

    I served as Secretary and Parliamentarian of the Seventh District Convention-nominated by B.J.

    We are trying to get along, but you have some like David in Flowery Branch and Bill Simon that want discord. We are trying to rise above that and do what is best for the party despite the opposition from people like David and Bill Simon.

    Isn’t it odd that neither David or Bill live in Gwinnett, but think they know a lot about the Gwinnett GOP? It appears someone is stirring up trouble because they don’t like harmony..

    You have some people that if their side is not in charge , they will undermine and try to tear down the party in order to get revenge on the side that is in power.

    Some people had thought that since B.J. was running as a delegate and had appointed the nominating committee that he should not be running the convention when the vote was taken. Greg Howard turned down the nomination after B.J said he was turning the gavel to Greg for the vote. We all had a part in reaching an agreement.

    Simon likes to attack people that he does not like. He did it repeatedly with the former GOP Administration. He seems to forget about the fact that all ran unopposed at the Cobb GOP convention our last term.

    Bill Simon thinks he should be the judge of who is lying and who is trust worthy and who is not. He thinks that his allies can do no wrong and the people that oppose them are all devils.

    As for Ben Satterfield, he seems to leave out that I was just in Gwinnett for 6 months, but I had been a GOP activist since 1976 . He leaves out the fact that Ben replaced longtime activist Don Butler that had been on the Election Board for years. It was not Don’s choice to leave. But that is ok because Bill’s allies did that and they can do no wrong. Greg Howard left Joan Zellner on the Board instead of removing her as was his option.

  43. Harry says:

    Debbie, that’s how I recall it – there was nothing controversial around the attempted B.J.-Greg gavel transfer procedure. There was no dissent on that matter from the floor.

  44. debbie0040 says:

    It was a smooth convention. B.J did a great job of running the convention and putting it together. There was harmony. He and Greg worked together as a team and it was great that both “sides” came together. Both men are great leaders…

    We need to spend our time fighting Democrats, not each other.

  45. Bill Simon says:


    The diarrhea is flowing out of your mouth. YOU are the one who helped sow discourse in Cobb County for many years.

    Your “activism” since 1976 should have been irrelevant since this was a “Gwinnett County” board appointment. Greg Howard just happens to be an idiot in not knowing to consider time served in the county in which the board sits.

    And, based on your long time wrecking of the Cobb GOP, I doubt your “years of activism” elsewhere served anyone any good.

  46. Bill Simon says:


    Isn’t it interesting how every breakfast at the Cobb GOP averages 100 people in attendance, whereas when YOU and ASH ran the party, average attendance was on the order of 20-30?

    How many people do you want to lie about now that attend the Gwinnett GOP breakfasts? Get with Harry and decide on what number you’re going to puff-up.

  47. Bill Simon says:

    Debbie, Part Infinity

    You cannot hold a moral ground of having “better ideas” than another party if your membership has no integrity, or yourleaders have no integrity.

    But, yes, I DO know, “integrity” is a concept quite foreign to you, and your pals.

  48. Romegaguy says:

    Somebody pass the popcorn and raisinettes…

    Oh and Debbie I could still use that steak dinner from the bet you lost 2 years ago…

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