Running on their record…

Senate Pro-Tem Eric Johnson sent the following out to State Senators to use for re-election campaigns. Basically, it is a list of what Republicans have accomplished since 2005 and what they are planning to work in the next session.

You can download it here.


  1. MSBassSinger says:

    The Democrats gave us change, too. I am not so sure the RINO legislature has done much better.

    They didn’t get a tax cut package done, and that should have been a walk in the park for Republicans. Whatever happened to supposedly Republican ideals of limited government and aiming taxation so it doesn’t stifle economic growth? And why does Georgia tax corporations? No company ever pays taxes from its own money. Taxes are figured into the cost of goods and services, and passed through to the consumer. When legislators pass taxes on business, it is a lie and a subterfuge. It is really a tax on you that they don’t get blamed for.

    SB1 is as bad a bill as HB1059 was. The recidivism rate for low-risk/no-risk sex offenders is lower than any other felony. In fact, the chances of such offenders re-offending after 5 years of a clean record is almost zero – apparently less than that of school teachers. The high risk predators (of which there are only 42 out of 15,000 on the registry) are the ones this law should have targeted. The facts are that distance laws have no effect on protecting children, and drive the worst offenders underground, where no one knows where they are. SB1, like HB1059 before it, have harmed more kids than it has protected. And, if you are a conservative who believes in original intent, the ex post facto provision of HB1059 and now SB1, as well as the provisions where the State now can tell churches who they can and cannot have volunteer, should make you drop your jaw. There are ways to truly protect our kids from predators. 90% of child molesters are people the kid knows and trusts – family, friends, teachers, coaches, etc. – not Internet predators. Most of the other 10% are predators that have not been caught, and thus uneffected by the current laws. Why not target the laws to the vast majority of real child molesters who are a real and present threat?

    A real water management plan would get State government out of the way for cities and counties to re-open existing, and make new, deep wells for obtaining water in addition to relying on reservoirs. Deep wells go far below the surface water table into a permanent aquifer. That is where cities and counties previously got their water, and it is safe, proven, and cost effective. It also reduces the drain on the reservoirs.

    In education, why not make it very simple – the education tax money raised, follows the student. Period. Let the teacher unions and government schools squawk. Eventually they’ll compete or die out. And why is it conservative legislation to have the government pay for putting SAT prep online instead of leaving it to the private sector?

    And why does this ostensibly Republican legislature want to spend your money to buy land to supposedly save it? Land is best protected when it is privately owned.

    I agree that this RINO legislature stumbled into getting a few things right. They did get government more out of the way in our right to bear arms.

    Even a blind squirrel gets a nut now and then. I wonder if our RINO legislature is a case of the nuts finally capturing a squirrel.

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