Purdue Signs Groundbreaking Legislation

Okay, not quite. But earlier this week he did sign HB 1208, HB 1038 and HB 1340.

Unless you live in Gwinnett County, the City of Douglasville or Wilkes County, you aren’t going to wet your pants with excitement over this.

Speaking of Wilkes County, according to Georgia.gov, the county seat there is the town of Washington, which is the site of the Heard House where Jefferson Davis formally dissolved the Confederacy on May 5, 1865. Keep that tucked away for a future Trivia Night at a pub near you!


  1. StevePerkins says:

    Just a pet peeve, directed at all front-page posters and not Rogue specifically? When tossing around bill numbers, would it kill ya guys to throw in a one-sentence blurb about what the bill actually IS? (e.g. “guns in parking lots”, etc).

    For most bills, you’d have to follow the link and read several pages of the text to even have a vague clue what the subject matter is about (apparently this one has something to do with giving Gwinnett the power to hand out TAD’s and other corporate welfare). I know that a lot of Peach Pundit’ers practically live under the gold dome and have all these bills memorized… but most of us don’t, so how ’bout a little blurb here and there?

  2. Bill Simon says:


    Funny thng…when the Governor’s office issues a press release about what he is signing or vetoiing, they only list the bill numbers,..never any explanation about what the bill does.

    Pretty half-assed way to run a government…

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