Is this a first?

A road project completed ahead of schedule and under budget?

While the widening of a portion of Riverside Drive has inconvenienced some businesses, the road work is set to be completed early and under budget.

One of Macon’s main roads, Riverside Drive has been widened to five lanes – with two driving lanes and a center turn lane – for about 2.5 miles from Hall Road to Northside Drive.


  1. Dantes says:

    Someone should be asking David Doss why he chairs the GDOT committee on public private initiatives when his daughter is a lobbyist for public private initiatives……

  2. Rogue109 says:

    They have cars in Macon?

    (I kid because I love. I’ll be in Macon all day Friday and will be sure to revel in the sight of this GDOT success.)

  3. Icarus says:

    Better roads in Macon = More traffic for Erick’s Chic-fil-a drive thru = More money for Peach Pundit?

    Can the next feature please be “Paul Broun’s Porn Pic of the day”?

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