1. Erick, Do you know why HD 93 is having a special election to fill a vacant seat that will not even have a chance to serve in the legislature before the already scheduled general election in November that will determine who serves in January, 2009?

    And meanwhile, why isn’t HD 147 (Johnny Floyd) having a special election seeing as I presume Floyd has resigned to serve on the DOT board?

  2. Chris says:

    Not to speak for Erick, but I’d think that the reason there should be a special election is that the Gov, at any time he likes, could call a special session, and should he do so, the people of HD93 would be even less represented than they were before.

    I do agree it is a waste.

  3. Good point Chris. The people of HD 147 would similarly be under-represented. Not to mention that the legislature can also call a special session and what if 119 districts in Georgia decide they want one, the voters in HD 147 agree and they’ve got no one to do it for them?

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