Club for Growth to come out aggressively for Paul Broun

I knew this was coming and kept dropping hints along the way. I have been annoying the heck out of them for weeks on end to do this.

I’m glad they decided to. Broun fits their candidate profile perfectly and he has become one of the hardest working members of the Republican Study Committee.


  1. bowersville says:

    Have ya’ll heard that Paul Broun has introduced a bill to restrict diplomats from terrorist nations to a half mile radius of the UN?

    Remember the two diplomats with diplomatic immunity from one such country that were questioned by the Feds for photo taking of subways in NYC for intelligence gathering?

    What would a crook call that, casing?

    Full story:

  2. We cannot allow the GAGOP to determine who they want to run for office. It’s the candidates decision to run and it’s the voters decision to vote for or against an Incumbent. We need true Conservatives to monitor our government and our Freedoms. RINO’s are not the politicians we need representing Georgia even if they are the favorites of the GAGOP. Let the best man win and true Conservatives are I give my support to. Give them hell Doc !

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