New York Times notices DOT lovebirds…

…and talks with Georgia Daily Digest’s Randy Lewis:

Ms. Abraham, an engineer who led the Georgia Building Authority, had been praised as someone who could bring change to an agency that had suffered for decades under mismanagement, corruption and political pandering.

“On the scandal meter, this doesn’t make my needle stand up too much,” said Randy Lewis, a political analyst who runs the Web site “Because it’s nothing compared to the rest of the sludge at D.O.T. and what has to be done there.”

Ms. Abraham has been struggling with a budget that may be billions of dollars in the red and a culture that has been tolerant of employee abuses of department credit cards, theft and sexual harassment. When she took the helm, she held news conferences reporting that staff members had been unable to tell her how many projects were on the department’s books, what they cost or what their status was.

“I was very hopeful for Gena Abraham, and I still am,” Mr. Lewis said. “It won’t be easy for her to come out of this, but before everyone found out she was falling in love with the chairman of the board, it wasn’t going to be easy either.”

But others believe that Ms. Abraham’s days at the department may be numbered.

“It’s another cloud, another black eye, another headline for the department when we certainly don’t need another headline,” Mr. Doss said.


  1. SpaceyG says:

    Singalong to tune of We Don’t Need Another Hero… David Doss belts out, “We Don’t Need Another Headline, Unless the Mighty NYT Comes a’Callin’. Then I’ll Sing Like A Bird.”

  2. Angie Montgomery says:

    I think someone said it in an earlier post, but isn’t it refreshing that both of these people were single? Maybe that is why it is making the headlines. People are shocked and headlines often look for a shock value.

  3. bowersville says:

    If I wanted to read a second rate romance novel I wouldn’t go to

    What’s refreshing is the NY Times has exposed this stupidity to the bond underwriters. Get it? Bond ratings.

    If you are pushing shock value, look at the mags as you check out at the grocery store.

    The truth is Evans should have kept his pants zipped for a few months and allowed his term to expire. That’s not too much to ask is it?

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