Cynthia McKinney…Presidential Front Runner?

The presidential campaign is about to be shaken up as former Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney stands on the precipice of receiving the Green Party’s presidential nomination.

In an interview with the Inter Press Service News Agency (IPS), McKinney described the Green Party as “basically a party of whites” and talked of building a “Black-Brown-Green Coalition.” [Source: 4/22/2008 IPS article “Outspoken War Critic Poised for Green Party Run”]

“There is a real need of the values of the Green Party to be known among all people of the country, not just a few,” McKinney said.

Richard Winger, editor of Ballot Access News, said McKinney’s chances of scoring the Green Party’s nomination are “very high.” However, Winger pointed out that McKinney’s supporters had only collected around 3,000 of the 40,000 signatures needed for her name to appear on the Georgia ballot in November.


  1. curt flood says:

    If the Green Party has any aspirations to seriousness, they’d avoid McKinney like the plague. The fact that she’s afraid of and shuns the mainstream media will hurt her immeasurably in an effort that with get zero traction without free publicity.

    That, and the fact that she’s a full-blown freak.

  2. drjay says:

    will the voice of reason not prevail upon the greens to once again allow that giant of humanity and activism that is ralph nader to once again bear their standard??

  3. Brian from Ellijay says:

    So Georgia rules the day or third parties:

    Libertarian Nom- Bob Barr
    Green Party Nom-Cynthia Mckinney


  4. Chris says:

    Brian – Don’t forget that Sonny will be McCain’s VP pick.

    (I only say that to cause the veins in Steve’s head to bulge)

  5. Buddha the Magnificent says:

    As a former Dekalb County resident who always enjoyed watching the exploits of the cutest little jihadist in Congress, I would love to sign and pass around a petition to get Cynthia on the ballot here in Georgia. Come November, it can’t hurt….

  6. Larry says:

    Just think, I used to think the Green party was a joke and had no chance of ever winning an election. Haha, now I know.

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