From the tip line

Here’s the tip:

Rumors continue to swirl regarding Nancy Schaefer’s re-entry into the 50th senatorial race, according to information gathered from both the 9th and 10th district GOP meetings this weekend. She supposedly was to attend a forum in Towns county last night, but no confirmation has been established.  If she climbs back in, it certainly will shake that race up, especially since she and Butterworth tagged off with one another…with her announcing her congressional run and he immediately announcing his senate run.  If she gets back in, I’m betting that they won’t be on each other’s Christmas card list anymore.


  1. bowersville says:

    Jim Butterworth has a fantastic reputation as chair of the Habersham County Commission of being willing and able to accomplish tasks.

    Butterworth has also covered the 50th district with a fact finding mission.

    Schaefer and Butterworth are not only from the same county, I understand they are members of the same church and both are social conservatives.

    My guess is that for the most part hard feelings will be in Habersham and directed at Nancy.

  2. rabuncountyman says:

    Word is there will probably be one other to qualify from Habersham. Nancy will not win the race if she runs. She should take care of her husband in his time of need.

  3. bowersville says:

    There has been 2 candidates from Habersham County that have announced their intentions to run for the 50th.

    If Schaefer jumps back in that will be three from Habersham duking it out.

    It seems to me that if she jumps back in, that would split the vote enough in Habersham and would give a 4th candidate from outside of Habersham the possibility to get in a runoff.

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