Ben Crystal: “Professional A-Hole” for Congress

In my inbox today was a link to Republican Ben Crystal’s MySpace page. Crystal, who formerly hosted a radio talk show on WBMQ (630AM) in Savannah, recently announced his intentions to seek the Republican Party’s nomination for Congress from the 12th district.

On his MySpace page, Ben Crystal lists his occupation as “professional a**hole earning less than $30,000 a year.” Neither of his opponents in the Republican primary, Ray McKinney or John Stone, could be reached for comment on Crystal’s self-proclaimed occupation. However, a political analyst familiar with Georgia’s political landscape said he thought Washington was full of a**holes, professional or not, and that the halls of government did not need another a**hole wandering through them especially one who openly bragged about it.

The three Republicans will face off against each other in the July 15th primary for the right to face Democratic incumbent John Barrow in November.


  1. RuralDem says:

    I want to know why Thomas thinks she is a better choice than Barrow.

    I highly doubt she’d join the Blue Dog Coalition. That alone is reason enough NOT to back her.

  2. Bull Moose says:

    I’m reading this great book on servant leadership entitled “The Servant: A Simple Story about the True Essence of Leadership” by James Hunter.

    I encourage everyone to check it out and read it.

  3. Romegaguy says:

    And how do we know that this is really HIS Myspace page? I would be careful impersonating someone else on Myspace…

  4. Ben is from NY, that would be like Hillary going from arkansas to california to ny to savannah and yelling, “georgia hicks unite behind me.”

    i bet he hasn’t even read midnight in the garden of good and evil or the new southern baptist edition of the bible – $9.95 at a walmart near you, printed in china. go gop visionaries go…

  5. joe says:

    Don’t knock Ben so fast. For several years, he was the only local conservative voice on the radio. He was even right about 75% of the time, which is better than both national talk show hosts and most politicians.

  6. sarge says:

    Is this the same guy who went by the name Ben Bennet on the radio? If so, he is a bonehead. his radio show was not listenable, and I listen to conservative talk radio almost exclusively.

  7. GOP Girl says:

    And even the SMN check the sources THOROUGHLY before sending it to print, of which they decided to kill, once they realized it was a hoax by an apparent opponent. Shame on you Peach Pundit. But hey, like they say, even bad press is good press, so thanks for getting his name out there.

    GAME ON!!

  8. whitemalevoters says:

    The Blue Dog Coalition:

    Also known as, “A group of fiscally irresponsible tax-and-spend Democrats who hate gays and Mexicans just as much a Republicans”.

    Also known as, “Republicans.”

  9. Well at least the second site is down also, you know the getting krunk one, which also must have also been put up by an opponent. Odd how the opponent happened to also have many of the same friends as the new “real” site. I guess they were duped too. I hope Dave reminded P-Hutt to remove the Pub crawl photos before Barrow had a chance to download them.

    BTW, whoever keeps sending me the other “you need to know this about Ben” emails, I DON”T need or care to know. FYI, [email protected] must be another fake or a Dave ploy to generate press.

    Here is a hint. If you are going to send out a “you need to know this” email adding “keep this to yourself” puts it right up on the list as those coming from Africa and a long lost rich relative.

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