Alec Pointevint Campaigns

So do you Democrats get this type of stuff in your mailbox too? Alec Poitevint wants to be a national committeeman for the RNC. Heck, I think I should be a national committeeman. At least I realize the party is screwed up and lost its way — not that I’d want to interfere with Alec’s election, but some of you people on the floor should keep that in mind.

Anyway, I got this in my mailbox this morning and thought I’d share it. This is the most campaigning that will probably go on for such a post. I’d gladly vote for Alec were I going to Columbus, but I will not be there.


  1. GeorgiaValues says:

    Alec Poitevint has served this state well as our National Committeeman and deserves to be reelected.

    Go Mr. Chairman!

  2. Bull Moose says:

    Alec Poitevint is in a class of his own when it comes to helping build the Republican Party of Georgia. Time and again, when our Republican elected officials have needed someone who can get things done for the party, they have turned to Alec.

    When John McCain needed a leader in Georgia and across the Southeast to help his campaign, he turned to Alec.

    My support and vote are firmly with Alec.

  3. Mike Hauncho says:

    Alec wants to be either Under Secretary of Agriculture or Chairman of the RNC, assuming that McCain is elected President. I was mailed the envelope but not the letter.

  4. jsm says:

    Under Alec’s leadership, no one was allowed to bring any sign into the 2006 GOP State Convention. Mine, which said “Stop the Pork” on one side and “Cut Spending” on the other was confiscated by a sergeant-at-arms and and a staffer who said it was disallowed in the Call for the Convention (lie).

    The whole episode gave me a bad taste for Alec and some of the others on his staff.

  5. ee, you can’t even help clean up the 22 streets of your neighborhood, what makes you think you can clean up after the rnc national party’s gang bang of our previously debt free nation?

  6. ProfG says:

    Erick – were you elected as a state delegate, and you’re just choosing not to go, or did you not run at all?

    The reason I’m asking is, I’d like to know if Alec sent this letter to all of the actual elected delegates and alternates that are going, or if he’s using some other list.

    I’ve been told that the actual list won’t be available until right before the convention (very convenient for keeping people who are running for national delegate from being able to campaign themselves).

  7. davidinflowerybranch says:

    What’s up with the conspiracy talk Bill? Alec has been the National Committeeman for quite a long time. Also was just recently the State GOP Chairman for the last 4 years and was the State Chairman back around 1990! I think he probably has access to any list he wants!

    Besides. What do YOU want the list for? Weren’t you already elected as a National Delegate Alternate? From reading YOUR posts (and knowing that you complained about the District Convention process and think that you were singled out… which I have from reliable sources you weren’t…. ALL of the Delegate candidates were asked who they supported for Republican nominee, who they think should be Veep, and if they would take a Delegate position) I’m beginning to smell a conspiracy coming out of YOU!

    Do you REALLY think that YOUR resume for running for National Delegate was even CLOSE to comparable to those that became National Delegates from the 7th? Puuhhlleeaazze!

    Your just lucky that Van Gundy cut deals to keep the convention a smooth transaction! I for one wish he wouldn’t have! There were more qualified people than you running and you got it anyway. I’d quit complaining and drawing attention to yourself if I was you.

  8. Demonbeck says:

    The Convention is in Columbus? When are we going to move it somewhere easier to get to – like, say, Americus?

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