No Experience Required in Augusta

The Augusta Richmond County Coliseum Authority is meeting Tuesday to elect its officers for the next year after coming under fire of late for accounting and managerial problems and only last month firing Facilities Manager Julie Huggins after only seven days on the job. The function of the Authority is to economically and efficiently manage the Augusta Richmond County Civic Center Complex so as to provide facilities, services and events to enrich the cultural, civil and economic vitality of the greater Augusta area.

And yet, incredibly, as reported by the Augusta Chronicle, a review of the Authority members experience shows that “not one member has any entertainment experience, facility management experience or radio programming experience,” as noted by one Chronicle reader. And, you guessed it, the Authority members are appointed by the Legislative Delegation and the Richmond County Commission.

Smart move, guys!  Put people in charge that don’t know what they are doing and expect positive results!

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  1. modcon says:

    It’s definitely time for Columbia County to build a 10,000 plus seat civic center. Rumors keep circulating about the possibility but I have yet to hear of any actual plans.

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