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Pinholster accused of sexual harassment:

The chief counsel for the DOT confirms that a complaint was received last week which is now under investigation.

The DOT’s lawyer will not confirm that the subject of the investigation is Garland Pinholster — who moved up to acting chairman of the agency when the chairman Mike Evans resigned last week. Evans quit to pursue a relationship with DOT chief Gena Abraham.

A source familiar with the sexual harrassment investigation confirmed to WSB-TV Channel 2 reporter Richard Belcher that it is Pinholster, and the accusers are DOT employees.

Mary Harris, who works for the board’s secretary, was distributing materials Monday morning in advance of the DOT Board meeting that could decide Abraham’s future.

When told that Channel 2 Action News is interested in the complaint she filed against acting chairman Pinholster, Harris said “Oh, my God.”

DOT chief counsel Chris Tomlinson told Belcher a complaint was received last week and is now the subject of an investigation, but he would not divulge the names of those involved or the nature of the investigation.

Pinholster is not attending Monday morning’s meeting but is participating by telephone.


  1. Rpolitic says:

    Wow and if you put your way back hat on this would not be the first time Pinholster and WSB have not seen eye to eye. Does anyone remember the slum lord story? Or Bill Nigut ambushing Garland on the floor of the house?

  2. Clint Austin says:

    I have known Garland Pinholster a long, long time, and I can’t imagine any scenario in which this complaint could be true – ever. The only thing Garland can be rightfully accused of is wanting to whip an political adversary’s tail, but never have I seen him even get close to the line he is accused of crossing here.

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