Atlanta: 4,000 Bills Unpaid

How many people still think that Mayor Shirley Franklin is the greatest thing since sliced bread? A goodly number of business owners aren’t on her bandwagon.

Atlanta officials said Monday they have not paid nearly 4,000 invoices to vendors who have done work for the city. Chief Financial Officer Janice Davis said she did not know how much money Atlanta owes the vendors, but insisted the city has enough money to pay its bills.

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  1. moocher says:

    Other then no get indicted yet, I’m trying to figure out why people view Franklin and so much better than Campbell.

    She’s going to leave the city in a bigger mess than her predecessor. I’m amazed at how everyone, including the press, is scratching their heads trying to figure out why the city is in financial trouble. The main culprit is obvious: she’s added 2,500 jobs to an already inefficient, ineffective, and bloated payroll.

    She’s very sneaky when she talks about reducing the payroll. If you listen carefully she never mentions actually having layoffs, it’s always in terms of reducing hiring. She’s been talking about reducing hiring for over 6 years now, but she still managed to add to the Jackson political machine.

    The city is going to have to make some tough decisions and the burden cannot be entirely placed on the backs of the taxpayers. She, or hopefully a far more responsible mayor, is going to have to reduce the payroll.

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