Tour de Georgia 2008

The Tour de Georgia 2008 starts Monday on Strand Avenue on Tybee Island and then takes a multiple day tour across Georgia, showcasing this state to an international community. Click HERE for full maps of the race or, if you have Google Earth, click HERE to have the maps automatically downloaded into that program for review.

This race also has the added benefit of pumping money into small communities across the state. One need look no farther than reports from WTOC, The News-Reporter of Wilkes County, The Millen News and The Dahlonega Nugget to see that the positive impact from this race is one that we all should be excited about.

If a cycling fan from Oregon visits our town for the first time this spring, chances are good that he will be impressed with the natural beauty, the generous and friendly people, and the many opportunities for enjoyment a visit here affords. If that same fan tells five friends about us, and those five friends tell five friends of their own, just think about the financial impact that could have over time.

Those words from the Editorial Board of The Dahlonega Nugget put a fine point on why this race is so important and why you should support it if you have such an opportunity over the coming days.