Georgia Gang Shocked, Just Shocked

The Geogia Gang today universally agreed that people say bad stuff on the Internets. And people have been saying particularly icky-mean things about the Gena & Mike GDOT romance on the AJC blogs. And that, of course, people shouldn’t be allowed to say bad things, or have forums such as the AJC blogs to say stuff about the private live of public figures because, well, it’s just darn wrong to people who, like, print stuff on paper.

What it should be is that anyone who reads or imposes stature on AJC blog comments should not be entrusted with positions of broadcast media leadership.

Whether people should or should not “say things” on blogs, the reality is that more than one Georgia Gang geezer is likely feeling he/she dodged a communications bullet. Imagine if there had been an Interwebs when some of them were young & stupid.


  1. My issue with the comments is whether they are made anonymously—I don’t read emails or open letters that don’t have a name or return address on them because if you won’t stand by your comments.

    If people will keep their language clean, you can say what you want. On we had to take our chat down because of the liability but we do allow comments. I also allow comments on and direct email but again, there has to be some boundaries.

    As I said on the show today, there were no hookers and no spouses, so I have no problem with the relationship but the timing is rotten and it reflects badly on the professionalism of those involved.

    Mike Evans made a very moving speech at the 9th District Convention Banquet Friday night and I wish him well.

    If anyone at Peach Pundit or it’s participants have any questions about the Gang, I encourage them to call in to The Martha Zoller Show weekdays 9-Paul Harvey!!!
    Shameless plug!!!

    Love your site…..

  2. rugby fan says:

    “The Martha Zoller Show weekdays 9-Paul Harvey”

    Please tell me Tanalach Media doesn’t have enough influence to change how we measure time.

  3. Thanks, you guys need a sense of humor–the 9-Paul Harvey–while true, should put a smile on your face. WDUN along with WMJE and WGGA are family owned by Jacobs Media Corp.–we still do 24 hour news with a staffed news room and have locally produced shows.

  4. rugby fan says:

    “Thanks, you guys need a sense of humor–the 9-Paul Harvey–while true, should put a smile on your face”

    Martha Zoller is part of the Conspiracy and thinks that it is a joke.

    This is a frightening development.

  5. Romegaguy says:

    Of course she is part of the conspiracy… Have you ever heard her mention Broun not being sworn in?

    I would settle with her just blasting some of the panelists for not revealing that they are getting paid to say some of the things they say…

  6. Icarus says:

    “Thanks, you guys need a sense of humor…”

    Either Ms. Zoeller must not be a regular reader, or she has all of us confused with Bill Simon.

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