1. Donkey Kong says:

    Well, despite the ensuing call(s) I’ll receive from my friends in the Fleming camp:

    Broun was the clear favorite at the District 10 convention, receiving a standing ovation from 90%+ of the crowd. I thought his message was to the point — I am conservative through and through, here are my four core principles by which I vote, you be the judge. He rarely mentioned his opponent, and perhaps the most effective point he made per the election was that he votes on principle regardless of how others will twist the vote. And, he said, others already have twisted some. It seemed to me that this point, made fairly strongly, somewhat muted Fleming’s attacks on some of Broun’s votes.

    Fleming had a good speech, definitely some great one-liners, but in general the crowd was pro-Broun. He went on the attack on four or five of Broun’s votes (he noticeably failed to criticize the English language bill — I guess the fundraiser the G7 threw for Broun following Fleming’s criticism of that bill got the message across). One member of the crowd got a bit vocal when Fleming criticized Broun’s medicinal marijuana vote (a Ron Paul fan, perhaps?). The crowd sat through the first couple attacks, but by the end a few of them were noticeably disappointed by the attacks and a few boos echoed out of the front of the room. Regardless, to his credit it was a well-written and well-delivered speech in a relatively hostile crowd, and though the attacks were a little disappointing, they were probably necessary from his point of view — it’s hard to beat an incumbent without going negative.

    Though I tried to stay objective in my observations, and I really do think Fleming is a good man, in the interest of full disclosure I plan to vote for Paul Broun.

  2. Chris says:

    There was some disgruntledness by some Delegates as to how the Delegate/Alternate slate was elected in the 7th. After the nominating committee made its report, a motion was made to accept and elect those selected by the nominating committee (thus closing the floor for other nominations). That motion passed 70-something to 60-something.

    I think the folks elected by the 7th district will do a fine job in Minn.

  3. rabuncountyman says:

    From my perspective Barry’s speech was neither well written nor well delivered. My observation is he shot himself in the foot.

    Congressman Broun received 2 standing ovations and had to stop speaking several times because of applause from the audience.

    Barry’s comments about Congressman Broun included that:

    He was soft on illegals (laughable).

    He voted to make marrajunia more available to drug users (a lie).

    He wanted to make it harder on law enforcement stop sexual predators from preying on children (another lie).

    When Barry got to point two of his attack against Congressman Broun a female voice in the audience said “Thats Not True.”

    When he started on point 3 of his attack against Congressman Broun another female voice said “That is a lie.” Delegates begin to whispering and some boo’s erupted in the hall at this time.

    At the end of Barry’s comments 3 people in the audience rose to their feet. A quite and polite round of applause was given and he quickly sat down.

    Barry shot himself in the foot today. Paul Broun left the convention with grass roots workers ready to hit the pavement for him.

    With Barry serving as majority whip for GR he is used to giving orders and twisting peoples arms. He was out of his league today and will soon be out of an elected office entirely. He was not effective working the crowd as well.

  4. rabuncountyman says:

    Another observation from the days proceedings, Nancy Schaefer was not at the convention, in fact only 2 senators and two representatives were present.

  5. modcon says:

    “When Barry got to point two of his attack against Congressman Broun a female voice in the audience said “Thats Not True.””
    The voice was none other than Niki Broun.
    Classy lady.

  6. rabuncountyman says:

    Niki was sitting four rows in front of me in the middle. I thought the comment came from the left side, however I could be wrong.

  7. Hank Reardan says:

    We had fun at the 3rd district. None of the Ron Paul guys got picked as a delegate but we were treated fairly. I meet alot of good guys but I also meet a few that did not understand Liberty and freedom.

  8. Donkey Kong says:

    BTW Hank, reading your book right now. I’m only 200 pages into it and its become my 2nd favorite book ever.

  9. Well I am honored to say I was picked as a delegate in the 12th along with Wayne Mosley. I am looking forward to my first National Convention.

    Clint was in grand form and almost had 2 resolutions removed from the slate. Though the nays yelled louder it seemed the vote was rather close. He made some excellent points. By his posts it was about what I expected of him.

  10. Donkey Kong says:

    I don’t know where Niki was sitting, but the loud remark about the marijuana bill definitely came from the left.

  11. rabuncountyman says:

    Mrs.Broun was sitting directly behind Suzanne and Senator Hudgens in the middle of the room. After the first comment came and the attack went on she got up and moved next to her husband.

  12. modcon says:

    Mrs. Broun moved to the center of the room right before Barry began speaking and did not move back until after the comment (which sounded to me and several others to come directly from Mrs. Broun). But , I don’t think anyone here is going to change there mind so it’s a moot point.
    Other than that there was no massive booing as you have eluded only one other heckle and some whispering that I interpreted to be in reaction to Mrs. Broun’s less than dignified decorum.

  13. rabuncountyman says:

    You are correct that there was no massive booing and whispering (which I perceived to be disagreement) with Barry’s comments.

  14. ProfG says:

    7th District:

    I was elected as an Alternate, for which I am very grateful.

    However, I was VERY disappointed in the process at the end, to say the least.

    After I was fairly grilled by the Nominations Committee on who I voted for in the primary, who my second choice would have been, who I wanted for the VP choice, whether I will support McCain as the nominee, and various and other sundry questions obviously designed to “smoke out” Ron Paul supporters, I still almost didn’t make it. I was only passed after some strong lobbying by supporters, and I thank them for their confidence in me.

    When it came time for the Committee to present their recommended slate, there was an immediate motion to accept the report and close the nominations.

    There were sixteen people running, and they were all worthy of consideration by the whole convention. However, after a long process of counting and recounting in a standing count, the vote was 76-60 to pass the motion, to deny the delegates the opportunity to vote on every candidate.

    Even though I was on the slate, I voted Nay. This isn’t the way the Republican Party should operate. When I saw some folks who voted Nay at first, switch to Yea by the end, I realized that once again, compromise of principle ruled the day.

    Look, this is obviously not sour grapes. I’m going to Minnesota in September. But I was very disappointed in the process today, in this regard.

    Other than that, by the way, B.J. van Gundy did a fine job moving things along, in a very fair way. I’m looking forward to working on the platform, and to pushing for a REAL conservative for Vice President, to balance a McCain nomination. Otherwise, hello President Obama. 🙁


  15. Holly says:

    Congratulations to the National Convention delegates and alternates! I’ll be looking for you on TV. Heh.

  16. MikeS says:

    The 4th was packed at about 84 seated delegates and alternates and 6 or so extra alternates who were not seated. My wife was not moved up and I am on the state commitee. So, I thought it was going to be a long day on the losing side. Ron Pauls people challenged 3 of the 6 people on the slate. It was clear that the slate was twice the age of the challengers and most of the slate went back to the Goldwater campaign. While most of the Ron Paul people voted in their first primary this year. That said it was a close and respectful; debate and vote. The slate candidates won. most by less than 5 votes. I was on the nominating commitee.

  17. We had a decent convention in the 11th. A lot of great people who I look forward to representing as a delegate to the national convention.

    At 32, it is looking like I may be on the young side for Delegates from what I’m hearing.

    There were some very intellegent and passionate Ron Paul people who tended to be much more far right than libertarian, but the 11th tends to lean that way anyway. I hope most of them stick around.

  18. HLittle says:

    Mrs. Broun moved to the center of the room at the start of the Congressman’s remarks, not just before Fleming started speaking. She was 3 or 4 rows directly in front of me. I didn’t hear any comment from her. The comments I heard came from the left side of the room.

  19. Just the Facts Please says:

    The 8th district convention had 135 voting delegates. There were about 8-9 resolutions with the major point of discussion over a resolution dealing with tax reform. There was some confusion over the text. The majority of the Houston County delegation (they had 40 votes) supported it, however it failed by one vote. One senator and 3 reps attended.

  20. Just the Facts Please says:

    Rick Goddard, candidtate for Jim Marshall’s seat, was the major attraction and received a very warm welcome from attendees.

  21. BugsDooley says:

    District Five here. Our nominating committee selected all men for the 6 slots, which caused a woman in the back to object and raise a point of information to ask how many women were considered by the committee (2 out of a total of 20). Not surprisingly, when it came time to nominate from the floor, motions came forward to set both of these women up as challengers to one of the delegate slots and one of the alternate slots, respectively. Both lost, though not by large numbers. A third challenge was made, but when the man who was nominated from the floor got up to give his speech he instead commended the original choice for the slot and declined the nomination. Other than that, a few resolutions were made (support the troops, support Saxby and Isakson, support McCain as the GOP Nominee) and passed, the last one arguably. Rep Ed Lindsey and Chris McFadden also addressed the convention; Chris is running for a non-partisan judicial position in November.

  22. Jane says:

    District 5 has a few male Log Cabins in possitions of leadership. I wonder if that is why they did not send any female delegates. Plus, did they send any monorities?

  23. NorthGeorgiaGirl says:

    The funniest thing that happened at the 11th was when the one man tried to use the microphone up front to make the no votes louder and the lady standing next to him reprimanded him in front of the whole convention (using the same microphone, so we could all hear what was going on:) I don’t know who the lady was, but she deserves a medal for drawing attention to that dishonest action.

  24. Dcatamount says:

    U.S. Congressman Nathan Deal spoke at the 9th District convention. He spoke about supporting John McCain and his love for America. About 3 Resolutions were passed. And Brad Scott announced that he was “forming a committee to explore running for State Representative of District 3” in place of Ron Forster. I still don’t know why he doesn’t just come out and say he’s running.

  25. BugsDooley says:

    Jane –

    Yeah, they were all White men if thats what you mean. We did elect the Chair of the Georgia Republican Jewish Coalition as an alternate, though

  26. ProfG says:

    It’s hilarious that I’m hearing from every district convention about the desperate speeches being made by politician after politician, cajoling imploring and begging Republicans to PLEASE support John McCain, yes we know we disagree with him, yes we know he’s not conservative, yes we know we’ve fought against him time after time, yes we know he was almost John Kerry’s running mate…

    But we don’t want OBAMA or HILLARY, do we??? We HAVE TO get out and round up support for McCain! WE HAVE TO!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. rabuncountyman says:


    I assume you taught at Emmanuel College in Franklin Springs?

    If so do you still teach there?

  28. debbie0040 says:

    We need to work our rears off for McCain. The Supreme Court is at stake. The next President will most likely get to appoint two Supreme Court Justices because of retirement or death.

    Do you really want to just let Obama or Clinton make those appointments?

    Who had you rather make those appointments?

    These appointments can steer the SC solidly conservative or steer it back to the far left… These appointments will affect our country for the next decade at least…

  29. jsm says:

    The 9th district drug on until after 3pm. Some nerd from Forsyth County (I think) made a spectacle of himself on points of order, as if he were the de facto parliamentarian or something.

    Congressman Deal’s speech was fantastic. He said so much more than just his reasons for supporting McCain. He made some very good points on rights and how they are derived. His comments on McCain were merely a comparison of McCain’s love for and service to his country and the unpatriotic and anti-American rhetoric, actions, and associations of the democratic candidates.

  30. ProfG says:

    Debbie, what makes you think that John McCain will appoint constitutionalists as justices?

    Just about every major bill that he’s stuck his name on lately (e.g., McCain-Feingold) has been unconstitutional. He’ll just appoint people that will uphold his stuff — and those people sure won’t be conservative.

    The “McCain legacy” is an unknown quantity, not a given.

    Methinks some people have too much faith in the good Senator…

  31. davidinflowerybranch says:

    Bill, See my post to you on the Alec Poitevint thread. Seriously Bill. I’d quit drawing attention to myself… Your credentials for having been elected a National Delegate Alternate are in question enough by quite a few.

  32. Bill Simon says:


    You got a problem with saying the word “gay?” AND…I’m actually pretty sure that not all gay Republicans are members of the “Log Cabin Republicans.”

    Furthermore, to presume or ASS-ume that because a person is gay, they might possibly be “anti-woman” is to more demonstrate that YOU are pretty ignorant, and you might be happier joining the “GOP Dykes on Bikes Club” than remaining in the regular Republican Party.

  33. Bill Simon says:

    Bill G.,

    The main component of the so-called “Constitution Party” is, actually, AGAINST the US Constitution. That you are a proud member of said party demonstrates that you are not really that qualified to argue about what is and what is not “constitutional” in this country.

    The following Preamble to your party’s constitution demonstrates that by the mere wording: he Constitution Party gratefully acknowledges the blessing of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as Creator, Preserver and Ruler of the Universe and of these United States. We hereby appeal to Him for mercy, aid, comfort, guidance and the protection of His Providence as we work to restore and preserve these United States.

    This great nation was founded, not by religionists, but by Christians; not on religions but on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For this very reason peoples of other faiths have been and are afforded asylum, prosperity, and freedom of worship here.

    This country was NOT “founded” on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    You and other members of the C-Party like to think that it is “okay” to just insert your own interpretations about the intent of the original writers and voters of the US Constitution, but, (Facebook friend of mine or not), you’re just plain full of manure, Bill G.

  34. jsm says:

    “This country was NOT “founded” on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

    They’re just quoting Patrick Henry, Bill. I know he’s your favorite of the Founders. 😉 It doesn’t appear that they give him the credit for those words.

  35. Bill Simon says:

    Patrick Henry’s comments were considered, but then rejected by the majority of the members to the Constitutional Congress.

    How quaint that the C-Party would resurrect (no pun intended) his failed amendment and place it squarely at the front of their “constitution.”

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