A Macon News Roundup

Yeah, that title doesn’t exactly draw the reader in, does it? Regardless…

The Bibb County Board of Elections on Thursday cleared the annexation plan proposed by Mayor Robert Reichert to be put to a vote on the July Primary Ballot. The plan, if approved, would add approximately 11,730 people to the City, possibly allowing Macon to jump in front of Athens in terms of population.

Also, A $29 million residential and retail district has been planned for the area around the old Capricorn Recording Studios in downtown Macon. This is excellent news as that downtown needs more people there after 5 p.m. Where the people are, business will follow.

Finally, the Trustees of Mercer University have approved a sweeping 10-year plan for the university, calling for a massive fundraising increase, adding more than 1,000 students…and the possible return of collegiate football to campus. This would mark the first time since World War II that a Mercer University Football Team would take the field.

Of course, one hopes that Mercer fares better, whatever their Division, than that memorable first match between Mercer and UGA on January 30, 1892 on Herty Field in Athens where Mercer lost 50-0.


  1. Romegaguy says:

    Maybe if you were sworn in you would have more time to devote to summarizing the Macon news…

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