Why am I not surprised

All the other Republican legislators are pretty down on the session, but Sonny’s legislators in Houston County are quite pleased.

Members of the Houston County delegation to the Georgia General Assembly said Tuesday that this year’s legislative session has been unfairly maligned as unproductive and bogged down by Republican infighting.


  1. Gag Halfrunt says:

    Of course they’re pleased. No one has yet found this year’s slate of tax breaks that only apply to Sonny Perdue.

  2. moocher says:

    I guess the gauge to judge a pleasing session is the pork-o-meter. Is there really a difference between the Tom Murphy Democrats and the now majority Republicans?

  3. Dave Bearse says:

    And check out I-75 the next time you drive through Houston County…

    Who’d have thought that Houston County traffic was worse than metro Atlanta’s, congestion relief being the professed first criteria in evaluating projects? In the past few years there have been a couple new interchanges built, road widenings over the interstate, and other interchanges being reconstructed? The 1,100 acre state fairgrounds must be attracting hordes every weekend to require all that.

    Any takers that the electric bill for the new I-75 lighting that accompanies the I-75 projects goes to a state address (while in metro Atlanta those bills generally go to local governments)?

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