Lawmakers Just Don’t Like Paying Taxes

The latest culprit in the ongoing saga of state and local elected officials who are delinquent in their taxes is DeKalb County Commissioner Lee May.

DeKalb County Commissioner Lee May hasn’t paid his business property taxes in two years, and now county tax agents are threatening to seize his assets and sell them on the courthouse steps.

May, who represents District 5 in fast-growing southeast DeKalb, opened a movie theater on Panola Road near Lithonia in 2005. The business apparently struggled from the start, because he didn’t pay his taxes for 2006 or the following year.

The county tax commissioner’s Web site now warns that a tax sale has been scheduled for the property and includes this ominous message in bold red letters: “Take heed and act accordingly.”

Source: 4/18/2008 AJC article “DeKalb official behind on taxes”

Quick question…

Does anyone want to start a pool on whom the next, non-tax paying elected official will be?

For what it’s worth, I think the gentleman from Macon –Erick Erickson– will be next.


  1. CobbGOPer says:

    Funny how all these politicians who have no problem legislating taxes on all us civilians seem to never be able to pay their own taxes – either at all or on time.

  2. MediaGuyAtl says:

    I guess we will not be seeing Lee May on Vernon TV debating this issue any longer. Come on DeKalb Commissioners vote to cut spending and waste to find the cash for the raises our public safety officers most rightly deserve! It’s time for this debate to end! Note to Snuggles, keep your veto pen in your drawer this time.

  3. Dave Bearse says:

    It seems one in 20 elected officials are tax delinquents at any given time. Any idea as to how that stacks up to taxpayers in general?

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