Evans and Abraham Sitting In A Tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G.

To follow up on the story, isn’t this refreshing?! We have ourselves a media story about two love birds that doesn’t actually involve one cheating on his or her spouse. Apparently that only happens if you are in the General Assembly. This is just good wholesome non-cheating.

Good for the love birds. There does not appear, based on the story thus far, to be any issue of Evans and Abraham having had a relationship when Evans voted to put Abraham in charge of the DOT. So, nothing improper. That is rather refreshing. Of course the Speaker is probably relishing this moment. I wonder if the Lt. Governor and Governor have already spoken to try to find a replacement they can rally behind.


  1. mws says:

    I am happy these people found love or what not, but people’s reputations and credibility were put on the line for Evans to get this position, and now he’s pissed all over those people that fought for him.

    Even worse, we are stuck once again in another idiotic power play between the unholy triumvirate of buffonery that run this state (Perdue, Cagle and Richardson).

  2. mws says:

    Furthermore, maybe these two cats can roll off one another long enough to make sure I-75 N from Valdosta to Macon isn’t a 5mph mess on sunday afternoons.

  3. bowersville says:

    and now he’s pissed all over those people, I think it’s a lot more than that.

    Are you sure he hasn’t fornicated them.

    I can’t say the “F” word referencing fornication because I’ll be banned.

  4. Icarus says:


    I find it helps to look at it as, “It’s not a question of ‘IF’ I’ll be banned, but ‘WHEN'”.

  5. rightofcenter says:

    Personally, I think this is a wonderful story. Doing something the right way in spite of personal sacrifice. Perhaps Mike Evans should pursue higher office. Would Speaker Richardson act the same way? Okay, get off the floor and stop that laughing!

  6. JRM2016 says:

    Without commenting on whether we are getting the whole truth or not, how is his replacement chosen?

  7. Gag Halfrunt says:

    What was that smell?

    Perdue should have known this was coming. Wasn’t it last week that he said, “”I’m not sure whether we’re at the bottom of the barrel or not, but every time (Abraham) comes over, there’s a smell that is not very pleasant about what’s happening and what’s being found there regarding the financial structure.”

    It wasn’t the financial structure that caught the gubernatorial schnoz. Makes one wonder why she kept coming over.

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