Still No Political Détente In Lithonia

State Representative Randal Mangham, who represents portions of DeKalb and Rockdale County in the State House, has had to cancel the “mediation” he was to host tonight for Lithonia Mayor Joyce McKibben and members of the Lithonia City Council, according to the AJC. It is not clear yet if the meeting will be rescheduled for a future date.

Meanwhile, the official website for the City of Lithonia continues to show Mayor McKibben stripped of her title. It would seem that Mangham, with his experience on the Children and Youth Committee, is indeed the best choice to bring all this childish and pedantic behavior under control and help get the City back on track.

[UPDATE]: Further showing how the City of Lithonia cannot seem to operate effectively in any manner, The Champion newspaper is reporting that State Sen. Ronald Ramsey, D-Decatur, is asking U.S. Rep. Hank Johnson this week to request that an independent Federal monitor take over the Housing Authority of the City of Lithonia due to the extremely poor condition of their facilities.