1. curt flood says:

    Excellent. The US retains its spot on the list with China, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Iran, North Korea, Saudi Arabia and other forward-thinking backers of the death penalty. Those Western non-executin’ countries are a bunch of pansies, anyway.

    No reason why we shouldn’t start gouging the eyeballs and cutting off the hands of the criminally-inclined, too. We’ll show ’em who’s boss.

    Btw, Georgia State Prison hasn’t housed death row since the 1970s.

  2. Dave says:

    Dang right it’s excellent. Of course you forrward thinking progressives can find the underlying cause of whyyyyyyy the butcher’s on death row are butchers. I’m glad the limp wrists aren’t in charge of our war on terror.

  3. dorian says:

    Nah, Curt’s right. My heart goes out to the sociopaths, cop killers, baby killers, etc. They’re just misunderstood. As an alternative to the death penalty, let’s just put up a fence around Curt’s house and they can go live with him. I’m sure there will be lots of group hugs.

    BTW Curt, you pay for the fence.

  4. rugby fan says:

    My faith tells me that the death penalty is wrong and indeed I don’t see the utility in one death for a death, but I think there are certain instances where at least certain individuals earned the punishment.

    At the same time, the U.S. has far too many people on Death Row. I don’t think abolishing the death penalty will do anything to solve that but we must a society do something to prevent people from becoming murderers, and no I do not think having punishment is a deterrent.

    dorian: every time I read the conservatives’ false dilemma about punishment it makes me laugh. I do think Curt has a point if we look at other cultures with whom we share values and none of them use capital punishment. Certainly reflects the moral qualms that go along with the death penalty, although I doubt such concerns matter in this debate, unfortunately.

  5. dorian says:

    On December 3, 1997 just around 4 am in the morning two little girls, 8 and 10 were found shivering by the side of the road about 50 miles from their home. The oldest had been raped and sodomized.

    That wasn’t the really bad part. Earlier that evening, Brandon Tarver broke into their home where they were sleeping – along with their brother and mother and father.

    The boy, a young boy was asleep on his bunk bed. Tarver put his shotgum to the boys sleeping head and pulled the trigger. The head exploded – literally. Of course, he killed the mother and father too.

    I don’t know you, so I can’t say whether or not you have experienced any sort of tragedy. Real tragedy. Tarver was convicted by a jury of his peers. Sentenced to death and over a decade later he is still alive.

    You want to look those little girls, young women now, in the eyes and explain your high brow moral values and poo poo all over how unjust the sytem is, fine rugby. it just strikes me as the lamenting of the hopelessly naive who have never had to deal with any sort of real victimazation who just want to sit back and arm chair quarterback their condescention on the people who have really been hurt.

  6. dorian says:

    And by the way, every time I hear the liberal dilemna about killing convicted murderers but being perfectly fine with killing unborn children, it makes me throw up in a mouth a little bit. There is plenty of hypocracy to go around sport.

  7. rugby fan says:

    Ah scare tactics, this debate is full of merit!

    What you are upset about sounds like a problem with the timeliness of the justice system, which is fine. However, that does not justify the death penalty.

    I prefer preventing those situations from happening rather than executing someone. Our focus should be on making sure such atrocious crimes are not committed again and the death penalty is no way to ensure that.

    But if you wish to rely on fear and emotion rather than trying to solve the issue at hand, fine, clearly a debate with you is worthless if you wish to do so.

  8. bowersville says:

    Try the private sector to prevent unwarranted killings-morality.

    Prevent death penalty….legislature.

    No debate is worthless, it may prevent a killing, be it by a worthless child molester killing a witness/victim or not.

  9. dorian says:

    Not really a scare tactic. I mean it would be to the girls who lived through it, but your casual detachment and typcial sarcasim is to be expected. Maybe you can send him a pizza or something in prison. A scare tactic would be like ” the killers are all coming to get you if we don’t fry ’em all today.” I didn’t say that. If I need to spell it out for you, my main points were that you are naive and a hypocrite.

  10. Donkey Kong says:

    I wish they used the death penalty more often. If someone is proven to have killed someone else in cold blood…well…sorry pal, but actions have consequences. And that’s what seems to be lost in all of this. The murderer knows that if he kills someone, he could face the death penalty. He knows the consequences and he chose to kill. I do have sympathy for him and hope he gets his heart right with God. But that does not negate the fact that his *choice* to murder an innocent person has serious consequences…including death.

    Those who support the death penalty do not have a higher view of life as they claim, but rather a lower view. We view life as so sacred that it must be protected at all costs, and to strip someone of his or her life against their will brings the ultimate punishment — being stripped of his own life. The murder lost his right to his own life when he took the life of another.

    Murder is a choice and has consequences. Let’s never forget that.

  11. Chris says:

    From that prision website:

    PROGRAMS: Academic: GED, Literacy, Remedial, Regional Test Site, Teacher Aide Training

    Anyone have a problem with Max Security inmates being trained as Teacher’s Aides?

  12. The Comma Guy says:

    chris – if you’ll notice the Jackson facility houses more than just those inmates on Death Row. You may not know this, but every inmate sentenced to a term of confinement goes through that facility without regard to his or her security level. Hence the name “GEORGIA DIAGNOSTIC AND CLASSIFICATION PRISON.” That’s why you see those programs offered. The DOC has internal rules and policies that make certain classified inmate ineligible for certain programs. For instance, Sex Offenders and violent felons are not eligible for Work Release programs.

  13. Bill Simon says:

    Rugby, I’m really curious as to what “faith” you have that says killing murderers is wrong.

    Do note there is a distinct difference in defintion between the word “murder” and the word “kill.”

  14. boyreporter says:

    Curt and Rugby are right, and the rest of you knuckle-dragging, bloodthirsty throwbacks are pitifully wrong.

    Being against the death penalty has nothing to do with being sympathetic toward murders; it has nothing to do with not being outraged at heinous acts of violence against children. It is (usually) simply a rejection of killing someone to show killing is bad. We should be smart enough and humane enough to remove evil, violent killers from society without resorting to doing what they did, which is to kill. In some respects, our system of slowly, methodically, intentionally ending a life is worse than spontaneous murder, where death was the result but not necessarily the intention.

  15. dorian says:

    Killing people is bad unless it is an unborn child, right? Then, it is fine.

    The more I read you boy, the more I like you. And, I’m not being at all sarcastic. We need people like you who are so polarizing in their comments to convert the people on the fence. It is good for us, you see.

    The more nuts like you scream and holler and try to break the system the higher the support for the death penalty rises. Thanks. Keep up the good work.

  16. boyreporter says:

    Dorian: How the hell do you know how I feel about abortion? I could turn your stupid statement around and say to you, “killing the unborn is murder, but killing the born is okay, right?” Then you’d say, “The unborn are innocent; the born are not,” and on and on. You have fixations on death that perhaps need professional attention. And an apology from your mama or daddy for effing you up.

    Looking for suppor for the death penalty to rise? Pathetic.

  17. dorian says:

    I was stereotyping you, because I know how much you like being stereotyped. You do like being stereotyped, right?

    If it makes you feel any better, I’ll retract my earlier comment. Not about you being pro choice. I’d bet one of those steak dinners of yours you’re that, but rather I think I puzzled out the consistency.

    It’s accountability. You don’t like it. People ought not be held responsible for providing their own medical care, or the consequences of getting pregnant, or murder. Everything is ok. Let’s just break down the walls and no one has to answer for anything they do. Except racism, and we should all be held responsible for that whether or not we are.

    Man, you are an endless form of entertainment. In your next post, will you please add something about being “enlightened”? You know, tell me how much more you are and stuff.

  18. boyreporter says:

    Sure. You are the least “enlightened” person I’ve ever encountered. Now would you please, in your next post, add something about looking into the mirror and seeing a shithead.

  19. jsm says:

    “We should be smart enough and humane enough to remove evil, violent killers from society without resorting to doing what they did, which is to kill.”

    Yep. No need in a liberal mind for a murderer to take responsibility for his actions. Liberals don’t want anyone to have to be responsible for anything they do. Nanny welfare state is there to make everything okay.

  20. boyreporter says:

    When are you going to take responsibility for being so stupid? Do you tie your own shoes? Ride the short bus? Live with your mom?

  21. boyreporter says:

    My mom says I have to stop this and go back to the porn site where I belong. I’m only 12, which is jsm’s IQ.

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