Neal Boortz Crashes


Popular Atlanta-based talk show host Neal Boortz seemingly has no problem overloading listeners with information on controversial topics – nor does it appear he has any problem helping overload Web sites.

Marietta Daily Journal’s Internet companion was down for a little more than two hours Tuesday as a result of people linking to it from the nationally syndicated Neal Boortz Show.

When Neal links to RedState we see impressively strong traffic, generally second only to Rush Limbaugh’s traffic, and occasionally more than that. He’s got a core listening audience of activists. One day I want to fill in for Neal!


  1. rugby fan says:

    Are you trying to create an image for yourself as a megalomaniac blow hard with little to no regard for decency?

    Oh wait, liberals celebrate whenever a soldier dies in Iraq right Erick? So you have at least the latter down.

  2. boyreporter says:

    No, they (we) don’t, rugby. Or were you kidding (I hope) about the celebrating.

    Erick already channels Neal, so he might as well fill in, and that’s not meant as a compliment.

  3. SpaceyG says:

    Anyone would be better as a fill-in than that insufferably ridiculous and self-righteous I’m-So-Goodie-Goodie Herman Cain. Even Erick!

    But rub those media stars out of your eyes, Erick hon. They’re all fair-weather fans/hits via Boortz. Having been on the receiving end once myself, I know he can spike traffic for one or two hours, even a day sometimes; then the sheep he herded over your way are too stupid to ever bookmark or come back to your site.

    They are only capable of doing what a psychotic, bald, obnoxious loudmouth, boorishly-behaved, bellowing Libertarian water buffalo is capable of programming them to do.

    The average (not ALL, but most) Boortz listener is too dumb to know how to click-on a hyperlink unless Boortz talks them through the process. Hell, you hear him yelling at his own freakin’ herd about how to navigate his own homepage all the time!

    Plus, you then spend all day deleting their vile, repulsive and illiterate comment-droppings.

    Sometimes quality IS better than quantity, even in the online world. You’re simply not building genuine community via talk radio. You’re merely accumulating static, hot air.

  4. bowersville says:

    channeling, ridiculous, self righteous, fair weather fans, herded sheep, psychotic, obnoxious, loud mouth, boorishly-behaved, repulsive, illiterate, droppings, static and hot air.

    Now that’s an unemotional logical debate.

  5. rugby fan says:


    With all due respect, why do you find it necessary to insult people every time you write something?

    No threads come to mind where you haven’t labeled someone as “dumb”, “stupid”, “illiterate” &c.

    It is a little off putting to read them time and time again. Even though you do raise some valid points (c.f. above), when you toss out the invectives all you do is make it harder for, at the very least me to want to care about what you say because you just sound bitter and Ann Coulter-like.

    Just asking.

  6. SpaceyG says:

    We ARE talking about Neal Boortz & his fawning fans, right? I see absolutely no need to explain the use of hurled insults in that particular capacity. None whatsoever as it is possibly THE most fitting and fertile territory in which to do just that! Besides, I’ve always loved adjectives. All kinds of ’em. Yum yum.

    Now go away and leave me alone, little gnat. Your plebian ways are putting me to sleep. For chrissake, go do something interesting for the first time in your boring little life, RF. If you ever did, I’d take a moment to personally insult you too. Yawn.


  7. boyreporter says:

    Way to go, SpaceyG. I don’t know why you (or I, for that matter) bother with the dolts on this site. I guess it’s entertainment for me, but you’re better. I picture a group of green-teeth, pocket-protector-wearing, mama’s boys with axes to grind sitting in their basements angrifying about “important stuff,” since they’ve long since given up complaining over not being able to get a date or get rid of those zits. I might be wrong, of course…and there are always enlightened souls like “hillbilly ragger” and “rugby,” though I think the latter was a little rough on you. He was polite, though. This site points so far right that my monitor tilts — and then goes blank for lack of any light being emitted. Boortz, just like Limbaugh and Gingrich, are still miffed at high school slights and not being invited to the sexual revolution. They use their microphones as…well you know. Pity them. And their followers onlinely hereabouts.

    Keep up the good work.

  8. Donkey Kong says:

    I love how boyreporter steps up to defend Spacy every time someone attacks her legitimately (like why all the personal attacks and namecalling??!?) Even I have defended her when she has reason to be defended (see her post on race, for example, from a few weeks ago). But seriously, boyreporter is like an admiring little boy just following Spacy around, and every time someone criticizes her, BR says “nunh uh, you’re stupid, you go get ’em, Spacy, you’re awesome.” Puuuuhhhhlease.

    Spacy, you do call people names more often than GOPeach would post in a day. In general, I have stopped reading your comments because I have found them irrational and pejorative. A return to rationality would be nice, as I do think you occasionally have good points to make.

  9. Dave Bearse says:

    Just recently Boortz advocated that police stop and detain any guy driving shirtless until the police could find something to charge them with, based on the show”COPS”. Can you say nutjob?

  10. SpaceyG says:

    DK: You have not stopped reading my posts. You know you spoon them up and ask for more, just like anyone else on here. Why else would they generate the most, uh, heat? I, unlike some of the talking points morons here, seem to have a pulse. So not only are you a really bad supporter, one terrified of anything beyond the obvious, you are also a liar.

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