More Georgia Guardsmen Off To Iraq

Good luck and best wishes to the more than 100 soldiers of the Georgia Army National Guard’s 848th Engineer Company who are currently training at Fort McCoy after departing from their armory in Douglas on March 31. The engineers will, within the next few weeks, be deploying to Iraq to perform reconstruction and security missions.

Also, welcome back and job well done to the 189 soldiers of the Georgia Army National Guard’s 1230th Transportation Company, based in Bainbridge, which have returned home within the last week after a year-long tour in Kuwait and Iraq.

These sons and daughters of Georgia should be recognized more often for their service…


  1. SpaceyG says:

    If a Georgia PIO or soldier would let us bloggers know about comings and goings, specific times/dates of access, we could cover such events. Eagerly. With video.

  2. boyreporter says:

    SpaceyG: Why? They should all refuse to go. It’s a volunteer military (except for the backdoor draft regarding stop-loss and the national guard) for the most part, so volunteers by now have become a guilty participant in this idiocy.

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