This should make Republicans be ashamed

Their leadership acts like petulant children. Here’s Dick Pettys’s opening:

Ten days on, the bad reviews of the 2008 legislative session just keep on coming. Not only have they not abated, they’ve widened to encompass more targets.

The initial target, naturally enough, was Speaker Glenn Richardson. He should be used to it by now. It’s his session-ending zingers that get him in the day-after headlines and in the following day’s editorials. (In 2007, it was the one about the governor showing his backside. In 2008, it was his taunting of Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle to “stand up and be a man.”)

But the editorial targets have widened now to include Gov. Sonny Perdue and the lieutenant governor. Perdue, after six years at the helm, should be accustomed to some heat. But for Cagle, it’s a relatively new – and probably unexpected – experience.

While at least one newspaper has called for Richardson’s ouster, nobody other than Richardson has yet called for Cagle’s ouster.

At least the Lt. Governor actually rose above this whole mess for the most part and the Governor was kind enough to go to China, though rude enough to come back.

Senator Cecil Staton, writing in the Telegraph over the weekend, wrote, “The people of Georgia are owed an apology.” Personally, I think we ought to go the route of Texas and only allow them to meet every other year.


  1. Painterman says:

    Wooten got it right in the Sunday editorial, when he reported someone comparing Cagle to “Eddie Haskel” of “Leave it to Beaver” Fame. Dead on accurate.

  2. Dave Bearse says:

    Cagle’s demonstrated a pattern that has earned the criticism.

    Last year he waited until the House had delivered a budget with the session well over half over before asserting the Senate wouldn’t tolerate House pork. This year with House leadership determined to pass a property tax reduction, his income tax proposal comes out of the woodwork with only days left in the session.

    Has the guy led anything other than Senate obstruction? (Think refusing to consider veto overrides, no visible role in promoting any transportation proposals, doing nothing to bring Sunday alcohol sales to the floor, etc.)

  3. Chris says:

    The overrides were the only thing Cagle did wrong last session. Transportation? Please. Throwing money at dysfunctional government agencies is a Democrat solution. The DOT needs to get its house in order BEFORE we start talking about giving them a penny on every dollar spent.

  4. Dave Bearse says:

    Throwing money? Georgia is among the states spending the least on transportation per capita.

    DOT get its house in order? Changes and improvements are in order, but the jury’s out on whether the agency is dysfunctional.

    GDOT you recall is run by a Board that answers to the Gold Domers that elect it, you know, Cagle and the folks he’s supposed to be leading. Indeed it may be argued that the most recently publicized trouble is the result of an agency building the projects its constituent pols demand, the lack of money notwithstanding.

    Cagle’s skill at mediating between a do nothing Governor and a hot head speaker is hardly going to make voters want to rush out and vote for him in a Gubernatorial or Senatorial election.

  5. Just the Facts Please says:

    Obviously CC has tried to position himself as an gov candidate and has tried to please as many people as possible. (and in the process created an image that Wooten properly captured) In the end if JI comes home to run it will be all for naught.

  6. Jace Walden says:


    Cagle did something else wrong:

    He failed to transmit a significant tax reform bill to the Governor for what would have been a veto.

    Now, Richardson shares responsibility for this colossal failure, but you can’t let your boy off the hook that easy.

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