Rumors re: Ron Forster

Since we’re posting rumors, I hear that Ron Forster is planning to take on Angela Speir for the PSC.


  1. WhiteFemaleVoters says:

    Angela Speir is pro Consumer trying to keep the “kinda monopolies” in check. I hope she wipes Ronny Forester. The PSC Board is really balanced right now which is a pretty good thing in my opinion. 2 pro consumer, 2 pro industry, and 1 swing vote. Sounds to me like everyone wins.

  2. GeorgiaProgressive says:

    Balanced without a single Democratic representative or voice, so only balanced to a point. Still no word on recruitment of a candidate to even run for either of the two seats up this year by the DPG either, which is the only chance they have at a statewide win.

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