Like watching a car crash

I can’t imagine how the Democrats are going to keep everybody happy under this scenario:

Georgia Democrats will gather in caucuses in each of the state’s 13 congressional districts Saturday to choose delegates to the national convention. Although 301 Democrats want to be Obama delegates, only 40 will get the privilege of paying more than $3,000 of their own money to go to the convention.

Competition will not be quite as stiff on Hillary Clinton’s side of Saturday’s vote, as 53 Georgians signed up to campaign for a total of 17 Clinton delegates.

Some would-be delegates might already have been disappointed. The Obama and Clinton campaigns were allowed to comb through the list of people who wanted to be delegates and strike any name they wish. If a name was culled, the campaign had to offer up three acceptable replacements.


  1. StevePerkins says:

    In all fairness, I don’t really see how this is a “train wreck”. Aren’t there usually more interested individuals than there are delegate slots on the GOP side also? Correct me if I wrong, but I don’t believe that the GOP picks up their delegates travel and other costs either. (pretty silly waste of money if they do, since demand outstrips supply)

    Now, a true “train wreck” would be if some of these fresh young faces for Obama turn out to be double agents, and cast their votes for Ron Paul. 🙂

  2. drjay says:

    maybe things are different now than in the past or it was just an anomaly then–but in 96 for the gop(the last prez year conventions i remember well) it seems like we had a slate at our district convention and one again at the state convention for nat’l delegates that was fairly readily accepted w/ one exception–there were not as i recall 6 times the hopefuls as their were slots…

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