Like a picky rock star, the Broun campaign makes demands.

I was forwarded parts of an email between some folks who are trying to set up a debate between Congressman Paul Broun and his opponent Barry Fleming. The Broun campaign has some stipulations. Apparently Broun criticized Whitehead for his lack of desire to debate openly.

We only have two stipulations: first, the candidates will not ask one another questions; second, there will be no “random” questions not pre-screened by the panelists, or any questions not related to public policy or issues before the US Congress.

There is really no need for a face to face meeting as these are the terms under which we will debate.

Let’s hope the list of stipulations doesn’t grow. Sometimes these things get out of hand.


  1. Holly says:

    While I understand him not wanting to actually debate Barry candidate-to-candidate, the no surprise questions from the audience tells me that he doesn’t want to have to answer tough questions that will inevitably come up. And fyi, none of the debates from last cycle had those stipulations that I remember. Only the forums did, and those are not debates.

    Bowersville is right. Barry will mop the floor with Broun in every debate regardless of whether the questions are pre-screened or not. The really silly part of all of this is Echols putting an ultimatum in writing: “There is really no need for a face to face meeting as these are the terms under which we will debate.” For any county that refuses not to open it up to audience participation, now they have the opportunity to say “well, we tried to get the congressman here, but he didn’t want to answer questions from the folks.” And now that it’s April 15th, he can’t send us any more franked mail about why it really doesn’t mean what it seems to mean.

    By the way, CD-10, welcome to blackout! 🙂

  2. Rpolitic says:

    I think the Broun campaign should find a new sponsor. In negotiations to hve the organization that is sponsoring the event leak the details prior to a deal being reached or before the event happened is just wrong. In fact I would suggest it shows bias and poor judgement on the part of the organziation trying to set this event up.

  3. Rosie Mac says:

    This a debate for crying out loud! Congressman Broun did not object to this format when he debted Jim Whithead on GPT. What is the good Congressman afraid of? Maybe a question about his Character! Character is very important when the “Voters” go to vote for their congressman in July. Let the debats began!!

  4. In the loop says:

    It’s true that Broun did not do well in the debates last year, but obviously it didn’t hurt him too badly.

    He fielded audience questions, both direct and submitted to a moderator, on several occasions.

  5. bowersville says:

    ItL makes the point I’ve made previously.

    Winning debates doesn’t guarantee winning the votes. Grassroots support works better.

    I can’t see the organization negotiating between Fleming and Broun to host a debate leaking details of the negotiations.

    That only leaves two choices. Fleming or Broun. I can’t see any advantage going to Broun by having this leak prematurely.

    That only leaves one choice—Fleming.

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