Do not be surprised

If Barry Fleming qualifies for his present House seat instead of running for Congress don’t be surprised.

An internal GOP poll shows Broun has been able to solidify support in the district in excess of 65% among Republican primary voters. Fleming is going to have a tough time. Likewise, major conservative third party groups such as the Republican Study Committee’s House Conservative Fund, not to mention several of the really big guns (a number of whom are calling me for my opinion on the race), are starting to pull the trigger for Broun.

Likewise, the conservative heavy hitters in the U.S. House are signaling their full throated support for Broun. I would not be surprised to see people like Pence and Shadegg coming into the 10th, not to mention a few good conservative neighbors from South Carolina. These guys aren’t afraid of a Republican primary fight.

Fleming did himself no favors going after the Georgia congressional delegation’s Republican members for signing on with Broun’s English language legislation. The legislation is a House companion to Senator Jim Inhofe’s Senate legislation. I’m told several members of Congress were stunned that Broun would be attacked by a Republican on that issue. One of those members told me on background that the Fleming release was circulated among the conservative House members and it showed “a profound misunderstanding of how the legislative process in Washington works. We don’t need a guy like that up here. We have enough of them already.”


  1. Icarus says:

    You would think if all these sitting Congressmen were going to rush to Broun’s defense, they would at least try to get the man sworn in.

    It is, after all, for the children.

  2. Holly still thinks Broun hasn’t been sworn in.
    Barry Fleming has skipped most of his public meetings in the last 3 weeks:

    1) UGA College Republicans at G-Day Football Game. Broken commitment to be there in person, sent a campaign person instead.
    2) Stephens County Republican Party. Broken commitment to be there in person, sent campaign person instead.
    3) Tonight at UGA College Republicans. Broken commitment to be there in person.
    4) 3 Saturdays ago, Columbia County GOP breakfast, NOBODY from his campaign showed up.

    He hasn’t updated his website since March 19.
    He is no longer campaigning.

  3. bowersville says:

    Holly let me take a sidebar: Are you going to run for a state elected office at some point?

    Your responses are good and you should consider it.

  4. Jane says:

    Is Fleming a light version of Whitehead?

    Fleming may be a victum of the low opinion many Republicans have of the State House leadership. Nothing got done, expecially from the perspective of a c0nservative. If Fleming run on almost passive tax reform, almost passing HLA, almost passing immigration reform, he will almost get elected.

  5. bowersville says:

    MLstreet has a valid point. Fleming is a no show.


    Sounds familiar….Whitehead light?

    I don’t know, but why would Fleming meet the voters instead of relying on nifty TV adds in the Augusta area? He should because we the voters in the rest of the district don’t matter.

    Is anybody besides me getting the feeling that Fleming’s advocates are running his campaign in absencetia without Fleming showing up?

  6. Holly says:

    There are now 90 days left in this election. Sine Die was a week and a half ago, and blackout is officially started today. Qualifying isn’t until the end of the month. Why does everyone want this to already be up and going full steam? Be careful what you wish for, eh?

    I don’t know about y’all, but last year by the middle of July, people were begging us to go away. It’ll be the same this year. Hold your horses, folks. It’s only just beginning.

  7. drjay says:

    its unfortunate-in hindsight-fleming should have run last year instead of defering to his elder-i suppose broun is an adequate congressman–but he is in his 60’s and i have catalogued my distaste for him before so no ned to go into it again–fleming youth and energy would have been great but he probably missed his window the way things are shaping up and broun has not really done anything at this point that would have people itching to toss him in a primary that i am aware of…

  8. RuralDem says:


    Why do you dislike Broun so much? I know you were a big Whitehead supporter, but from your postings, it seems like any Republican could run against Broun and you’d back them. What is wrong with Broun?

    Personally, I think he’s a refreshing addition to Congress. All I really know about Fleming is listening to his speeches on the House floor when the legislature was in session. He comes off as nothing but a partisan hack.

  9. Donkey Kong says:


    She also said that she would support Democrats against Broun as well. You would be proud.

    There are now 90 days left in this election. Sine Die was a week and a half ago, and blackout is officially started today. Qualifying isn’t until the end of the month. Why does everyone want this to already be up and going full steam? Be careful what you wish for, eh?

    I don’t know about y’all, but last year by the middle of July, people were begging us to go away. It’ll be the same this year. Hold your horses, folks. It’s only just beginning.

    Fair points. I guess with his early announcement and early success in fundraising many of us were expecting a longer fight, so when he starts laying low now, after having gained some early momentum, we being wondering if he is reconsidering his run.

    You know where I stand on the race, but it doesn’t mean I dislike Fleming — I just think Broun will be a better Congressman. Accordingly, assuming Fleming stays in, I am looking forward to a good issues-driven race. I will be absolutely furious, and very disappointed, if this race turns personal (i.e. no Cagle-style charges of forced abortions in the Marianna Islands, or Schaefferesque pithy accusations of being a liberal trial lawyer).

  10. bowersville says:

    Holly, I have intentionally avoided comment on this thread for about 48 hrs.

    You know I was a very enthusiastic about voicing my opinion that a young Barry Fleming should jump into the special, but he didn’t.

    I then picked up the baton for Whitehead and flailed away begging for Whitehead to get out and campaign because the tide was changing.

    Barry should have been out doing nothing other than establishing his credibility this go around. He hasn’t.

    I really don’t think it matters now whether Fleming stays in or not. Re-read DrJays comments, that’s what is going on in the 50th senatorial district.

  11. bowersville says:

    And while I’m at it, let me be gut wrenching honest.

    Instead of attacking Broun right from the get go about his (Broun’s) vote on medical marijuana, Fleming should have directly established why he was against illegal drugs and why (goes to credibility). Yes, the extended family thing.

    Fleming doesn’t have enough money on hand to adequately do the TV thing. The TV marketed target area extends from the Atlanta market, Asheville, NC, Greeneville and Spartanburg, Greeneville SC to Augusta.

    If Fleming doesn’t get off his haunches, he loses.

  12. Holly says:

    Oh, I didn’t see the comment until now, RuralDem – sorry! I have a character issue with Broun. And yes, I stand by voting for Saxon in the general if Broun makes it out of the primary.

    Bowersville, I understand your point on the family, but if it were my family, I wouldn’t want to talk about it publicly. I’m sure that’s a choice every individual would make differently, depending on the circumstance, and I would never say someone was right or wrong for it because either way is touchy.

    I agree that yes, Barry has to establish what he’s for, but also he has to draw a contrast between himself and Broun. I could be wrong, but I have my suspicions that he and his staff have realized that, too.

    I’ve said before and I’ll say again that I don’t think Barry is anything like Jim. I know them both; I like them both. But Barry’s a lot more ambitious, so I don’t think he’s going to sit back and expect to ride into office.

    That said, get on his email list whether you support him or not. That way you’ll at least know when he’s in town, right? 🙂

  13. bowersville says:

    Holly, C’mon. We have all had those problems out here in rural Georgia. I am not judging Barry. I’m wanting him to get off his butt, suck it up, and drive through the problem and relate to us.

    H*ll my uncle built time in the federal pen, my sheriff’s wife’s sister killed herself. All due to this problem.

    Barry doesn’t need to be ashamed, I’m encouraging him to step up to the plate and take a cause that I/we can relate to.

  14. bowersville says:

    If you will, go back and read each and every remark I’ve made regarding this race.

    You’ll only find where I’ve slammed Fleming, trying to give him a clue.

    Not one word about supporting Broun.

  15. bowersville says:

    Besides do you think I’m so stupid as to furnish Fleming with an email ID?

    Why should I give him (Fleming) any third world powers? At this point, I admit I was wrong, Fleming hasn’t been here.

  16. Holly says:

    Careful, Bowersville – you’re turning into GOPeach with the comment series! 🙂

    I’ll just say that I suggested the email so you’d get the ones like I got today that listed his appearances between now and qualifying.

  17. bowersville says:

    You can GoPeach me all you want, I’ve got sense enough to know that the emails are from staffers.

    You can write me off all you wish, I’m telling you the way it is, and if you want to GoPeach me, have at it, she was right. Whitehead lost to Broun.

  18. bowersville says:

    Yeah another GoPeach post. Do you Holly expect me to believe an email itinerary for Fleming means Fleming will actually be there?

    He hasn’t so far, send the surrogate, we deserve no better.

  19. Holly says:

    Oh, Bowersville, I am truly very sorry. I didn’t mean to imply in my comment that I was writing you off. I was meaning to tease you about the several comments together because that was her trademark. I didn’t even think about her Broun support when I did; I certainly didn’t mean to make it sound like I didn’t hear what you said. I can only hope you’ll believe that I meant it lightheartedly.

  20. bowersville says:

    Holly, you’ve bought into the Fleming fluff.

    All the fluff is from the staffers, Fleming is a no show non-starter.

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