Another challenger for Barrow.

It’s getting crowded on the GOP side of the 12th CD race:

Former hard-hitting local talk show Ben Crystal, who used the name Ben Bennett on the air, says he will run as a Republican for the 12th Congressional District seat held by Savannah Democrat John Barrow.

Crystal, known for his outspoken, sharp rhetoric, was fired by WBMQ 630 AM in September 2006. The termination came shortly after Bennett and the station’s owners settled a defamation lawsuit with Chatham County Commissioner Harris Odell.

Crystal, 37, describes himself as a conservative. Former congressional aide John Stone of Augusta and Savannah mechanical engineer Ray McKinney also are seeking the GOP nomination.


  1. fishtail says:

    As a coastal resident, I used to enjoy listening to Mr. Ben Bennett (aks Ben Crystal) to see what he could stir up on the Savannah AM radio. I remember him as a poor man’s Rush Limbaugh. He tended to go overboard on repeating unsubstantiated rumors (sort of like this blog) and ended up getting fired as a result of his antics. Barrow will crush whoever the GOP puts up in November, as he has over $1 million on hand and is enjoying his new-found seniority status in the majority Democratic House. Barrow has recently endeared himself to Chatham and Effingham citizens with his support of the Sugar Refinery families. As a former Max Burns supporter, I won’t mind voting for Barrow myself.

  2. drjay says:

    after the clash of the titans the past couple of races this one has been kinda quiet–this will probably divide up the sav’h vote and hurt ray w/ locals that may have picked him by default. bennett will probably need to crank down the bombast a little over his radio days to be taken seriously–definitely makes it a little more interesting w/ him in–also interesting that dave simons is working a race on the federal level…

  3. Gag Halfrunt says:

    Another former media personality running for office? I can’t wait for Bennett-Crystal to sit on top of a tower until his message gets out.

    Hey, whatever happened to that guy who tried the same thing in Atlanta?

  4. steelfist says:

    How about Bennett-Crystal’s consultant Dave Simons gave John Barrow a $1,000 contribution, twice what he gave Max Burns in 2004 and 2006. Are you trying to throw the guy out of office or get him re-elected?

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