Brad Scott In. Ron Forster Out.

From the tipline:

Brad Scott, chairman of the Catoosa County Republican Party is going to run for the 3rd District State Representative seat.  Ron Forster will not run again, so Scott will run in his stead.

Brad Scott says he isn’t running.


  1. GaDawg08 says:

    I think he’s 24 now. I’m not sure if anyone will vote for him b/c he’s made some people in Catoosa County mad in the past and he was Ralph Reed’s Catoosa campaign manager when he ran against Casey Cagle.

  2. Icarus says:

    Is the Forster the Forster (R-Douchebag) that wanted to Impeach Cagle and/or The entire Senate, or am I confusing him with someone else?

  3. bscott02 says:

    I am not sure where this tip came from but I am not running for state representative. As far as I know Forster is running again for re-election.

  4. GaDawg08 says:

    Ron Forster is the one that wished to impeach Cagle. He will probably support Brad Scott. I, on the other hand, have heard him speak and can say that he’s another “live by Bush” Republican and not a conservative Republican. Your thoughts?

  5. Dcatamount says:

    I guess we will know if this “tip” is true in 2 weeks. Candidates have to qualify some time b/w April 28-May 2.

  6. emyscott23 says:

    I guess the reason Brad has decided not to run is because he met the Attorney that will be running for District 3 seat and he knows that he could not beat him. I heard that they were trying to keep it quite that Ron was not running so that Brad would not have anyone running against him. I will believe it when the last bell rings for qualifying on Friday.

  7. emyscott23 says:

    I also heard that Brad was going around on Friday with a close friend asking certain people in the community for their support. Let’s see….Brad did you change your mind since your last login?

  8. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Brad had a fundraiser last night. Great attendance, including Jay Neal and Jeff Mullis (both wrote checks.)

    My guess is that he is running.

  9. Dcatamount says:

    It seems Brad has lied here on Peach Pundit then. Personally, I won’t be voting for the guy because he is too inexperienced, too thin-skinned, and frankly I question whether or not he is in fact a conservative.

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