Macon does have a gang problem. Now, for those of you who don’t live around here, you may be left scratching your head about all of this. Here’s the deal:

Ten years ago Macon had a very aggressive gang task force that sharply curtailed gang activity in Macon. Then C. Jack Ellis became mayor and proudly proclaimed we no longer had a problem. He dissolved the gang task force. For the past eight years, the gangs have been resurgent. The new mayor and council, along with the County Commission, is taking the issue seriously. Thank goodness for that.


  1. Rick Day says:

    How to sole Gang ‘problem’.

    1. legalize all drugs. It removes profit potential in a violent unregulated market, and keeps the state from wholesale locking up minority parents, who find it difficult do an adequate job of parenting while doing 3 years for possession of a rock of crack.

    2. Take 10% of the budget currently earmarked for the War on Some Drugs ™ , and plow it into k-6 after school activity programs, to give the kids something to do while their parents slave working two jobs for The Man ™.

    3. Create a scholarship dollars = performance based on ability, rather than some arbitrary “white leaning” standardized tests that seem to magically marginalize kids that ‘don’t look like us’. Note I didn’t type “college scholarship’.

    But you all are too pussy ™ to vote in these kinds of reforms, aren’t you?

  2. Doug Deal says:


    while their parents slave working two jobs for The Man ™.

    Why are they working two jobs for the man? Taxes. Why are they paying too much in taxes? Pretty much everything else you believe in.

    Spend more on that, spend more on this, that’s ALWAYS the answer. The solution is less tax and less government intrusion. It is not spending more on social engineering projects.

  3. Demonbeck says:

    I didn’t know the Macon City Council had the authority to legalize drugs in Bibb County.

    I guess that’s how C. Jack Ellis got elected so many times.

  4. Rick Day says:

    No they do not have the authority to ‘legalize’ drugs, but they do have the authority to direct the local pole-eece to make petty possession the lowest priority jailable offense, instead of currently one of the higher ones (most small time drug users are typically clean and sober, hard working people) that The Man ™ sucks hind tit off of.

    Think Globally, Act Locally ™, Demon!

  5. Demonbeck says:

    Rick, that is probably the dumbest idea I have ever heard of. You do realize that that would make Macon a magnet for more organized crime?

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