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Is this DOT related?

InsiderAdvantage now has learned that as many as 15 FBI agents are assigned to the case, which involves alleged wrongdoing not only in the legislative branch but in the executive branch, as well, where contracts awarded by various state agencies have come under scrutiny.

“This is serious,” said a highly reliable source who is familiar with the investigation.“


  1. Goldwater Conservative says:

    Will the Oaky Woods deal make it onto their agenda?

    One could only hope…unfortunately it is only 2 years late.

  2. Tea Party says:

    @Goldwater Conservative:

    Care to provide a link or a brief on ‘Oaky Woods’ deal for us newbies?

  3. Goldwater Conservative says:

    Check out the maps of the area as well. Guess whose land will have to be purchased to build roads into the development.

  4. Ms_midtown says:

    Great year to be running for office against an incumbant, maybe your opponent will be the one who goes down.

    Fifteen Men In Black will not let themselves be embarrassed.

  5. juliobarrios says:


    I think it’s a little disingenuous to refer to the retroactive tax break as being buried in the news, when it was basically 90% of Mark Taylor’s campaign against Sonny. I also know it was in the AJC quite often.

    The issue was out there, the problem from Taylor’s perspective is most folks didn’t care about it. From a strategic standpoint, I think Taylor dwelled too long on it with his media buys. Taylor basically switched every voter that could be switched on that issue and he should have moved on to something else. At some point you reach diminishing returns.

  6. Romegaguy says:

    Consider the source, Insider Advantage.

    I had to look and see if Spacey posted this or not.

  7. Gag Halfrunt says:

    Has anybody heard about the no-extradition deal Sonny worked out with the Chinese? Me neither, but it was worth a comment.

  8. Clint Austin says:


    I’m no expert on the details of Oaky Woods, but one thing I do know needs to be pointed out because it shows a big factual error in your comments above.

    The “retroactive” tax break was not just for Sonny Perdue. The law was passed in a number of states to comply with a problem created by a rather obscure IRS tax situation. It had to be made “retroactive” to capture the retroactive implication of what the IRS had done. It gets far more complicated than that, but you are just factually wrong to make it sound like GA is the only state that did this, and it was only for Perdue.

    Bottom line: unless Perdue generated an elaborate cover story involving the IRS and other state legislatures, your comments are wholly inaccurate.

    In the first place, the point of this post was the FBI investigation. Trying to drag Oaky Woods into this is also a little disingenuous.

    With all due respect…

  9. AubieTurtle says:

    Clint, very interesting. Do you have more details? Perhaps the particular IRS tax code, along with information on which other states passed the same legislation. I’d be interested in seeing the information for myself so that I can be fully informed.

  10. Grunt says:

    The retroactive date was suspicious. Even the DOR was puzzled. Rather than the standard time for such retroactive “corrections,” which is normally the time for filing an amended return, this one was just far enough back to pick up Sonny’s transaction and no more. The effect was Sonny being the ONLY one it applied to. It looks like not onlhy was he giving himself a tax break, inserted in the law by his friend and tax lawyer (and committee chairman), but he was not willing to share the largess with anyone else.

  11. Harry says:

    Wasn’t the change also prospective? Here’s what I wrote to the reporter James Salzer, back in 2005:

    There really was a pressing need to update the Georgia rules on Sec. 1031 deferment, and it needed retroactivity to avoid litigation based on, among other things, contention of nonadherence to the US Constitution Commerce Clause (ie, prohibits discrimination by a state against multistate transactions). As you know, Georgia really was under pressure to fix this issue. Taxpayers from other states buying property in Georgia could defer tax due their home state under provisions of Sec. 1031. As far as I know, you are correct that every other state had adopted conformity with Sec. 1031 because of Commerce Clause concerns.

  12. fishtail says:

    INSIDER ADVANTAGE is owned by Matt Towery. I wouldn’t put it past Towery to be making this “scandal” up in order to drum up business for his web news service.

  13. fishtail says:

    If the FBI is truely snooping around the Georgia State Capitol and manages to bag and convict a few politicians, they will be sent to a Federal prison within a few hundred miles of their homes. The federal prison camp in Estill, South Carolina is just across the GA state line and is the current home of ex-State Rep. Robin Williams and ex-State Sen. Charles Walker. With a couple more ex-state politicians at Estill they could start an alumni chapter of the GA General Assembly. Look them up yourself at

  14. Chris says:

    Maybe we could just ceede the Gold Dome to the B.O.P. and be done with it.

    “The Chair recognizes Inmate #47 for a motion”

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