The life of blue hairs just got a bit harder

Pity them.

An agreement between Florida and Georgia that allows senior citizens from either state to hunt and fish in fresh water without licenses in both states is about to end.

The agreement, which dates back to 1981, will end on June 30.

Georgia officials announced in May 2007 that economic realities have rendered the reciprocal agreement no longer feasible for hunting, and it will come off the books. The nature of the agreement requires that Florida follow suit.


  1. IndyInjun says:

    Sonny builds new boat ramps and wants to charge retirees for using them. Under the principles of fiscal responsibility someone has to pay.

    So we can now add another painful reality besides death and taxes.

  2. Bill Simon says:

    But, I’m certain if Florida would agree to grant UGA grads their desired ease in obtaining a special license plate, Sonny would revive that reciprocity.

  3. Icarus says:

    Instead of taking away the UF plates, we should just have them re-issued with Jorts in place of the Gator head.

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