2008 – Legislative Superlatives

“Best Looking”  — Judson Hill

“Least harmful to the cause of liberty”  — Tony Sellier for spending the session in the hospital.

“Greatest Grand Stander”  — David Shafer for declaring war on Tennessee and Vincent Fort merely by breathing.

“Most likely to be the subject of an NRA legislative email” — Casey Cagle

“Children’s best friend in a good way” — Eric Johnson for his school choice initiatives

“Children’s best friend in a keep them 1000 feet away way”  Nan Orrock for voting against every one of Johnson’s initiatives.  Cecil Staton for his MySpace regulations.

“Most Frigtard Friendly” — Emanuel Jones for his “life belts” legislation.

Taxpayer’s Worst Enemy — Sonny Perdue

Taxpayer’s Best Friend — The airline pilot who flew Sonny Perdue to the far side of the world

The “Hide Your Child” Award — the bi-partisan group of men from the House and Senate who went to the Cheetah Club that night (you know who you are)

The “This Guy’s In Politics?!?!” Award — Ron Forster and his “Life for Life” legislation

The “Too Honest For This Bidness” Award — Steve Davis

“Most likely to spark a constitutional crisis” — Don Balfor

“Most likely to be indicted between sessions” — Sharon Beasley-Teague

“Mostly likely to have worn a wire all session” — Sharon Beasley-Teague

“Speaker’s Pet Award” — Barry Fleming

“LG’s Pet Award” — Don Balfour

“Sonny’s Pet Award” — Casey Cagle

“Most likely to find themselves out of a job award” – Nancy Schafer

“Milton Award – Named after Milton from Office Space, given to the legislator who is moved to the basement and loses their red swingline stapler” – Tom Graves

“Naga, Naga, Not gonna work here anymore award, given to the legislator most likely to lose their re-election campaign” — Speaker Richardson

“I’m afraid of a girl” award — the Senate for failing to pass the Sunday sales law.

Honorable Mention: God and the Corps of Engineers for bringing back the water to Lake Lanier.  We dare not include Sonny for actually praying lest he get a big head.


  1. Progressive Dem says:

    Though higher than the end of last summer, it is at an all time low for this time of year.

  2. liberator says:

    Anybody who goes to the Cheetah is okay in my book. They should have hit the Pink Pony and Follies also!

  3. Icarus says:

    Members of the TMC are running scared. They know we’re on to them.

    (Notice that Rugby, Jace, Indy, Konop, Simon, You, Rogue, myself, heck everybody here that’s on to the conspiracy, were overlooked with the awards. Sure, they’ll say we’re not legislators. And maybe we’re not. But surely we’ve done some things just as stupid as the bozos on that list.)

  4. Holly says:

    David Shafer’s should’ve been “Most Likely to Lead in the Removal of the Foreign Occupiers.”

  5. Romegaguy says:

    At least the bi-partisan group that went to the Cheetah werent hanging around airport bathrooms…

  6. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Apparently Nancy Schafer isn’t running for Congress or re-election anymore if you look at her press release.

    So I would say you are dead on on that one Admin.

  7. hsldawg says:

    I’d like to suggest an alternate superlative title for Rep. Tony Sellier – “Best Comeback”. Considering the man cheated death twice while in the hospital and still managed to attend the last day of session, I think that would be a more appropriate title.

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