The Chicoms are coming

When your university colors are red and black and your mascot is a dog, I can see why the red chinese might be attracted to your state.

The Middle Kingdom will soon be sinking roots into Kennesaw’s Southern soil. Kennesaw State University announced this week that it will be the second university in Georgia, and one of 42 in the U.S., to receive a Confucius Institute.

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  1. CobbGOPer says:

    Um, as a KSU grad I would point out that our school colors are not red and black, and our mascot is not a dog…

    Oh, and besides KSU, the only other institute in the state with one of these Confucious programs is Emory.

    No offense to UGA, because I am still the son of a Bulldawg grad and a big UGA football fan.

    Of course, I don’t think UGA is as big on international affairs as KSU or Tech or Emory (that is, unless it has something to do with business). I was an international affairs major at KSU, and as far as I know, only KSU and Tech offer a specific degree program in this area, whereas everyone else makes due with traditional polisci majors with some international focus avenues.

    But long story short, it’s a good thing that we have more exposure to Chinese culture and language. After all, one day they’re going to rule the world, by sheer force of numbers…

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