A Patriotic Theft

Dan Turner just couldn’t stand seeing an American flag left in the mud. (Hat Tip: American Thinker)

Having passed the discarded flag twice, Dan Turner took the flag the third time he saw it lying on the ground and sent it to his friend Chief Warrant Officer 4 Thomas Golden of the Joint Forces Headquarters Forward, Georgia National Guard.

“This flag was being used as landscape art and a business flagging without the daily outdoor ceremony it deserved. In the end it simply was allowed to lie in the mud of the Irwin Bridge right-of-way for a week while managers, landscape personnel and employees, residents and neighbors simply ignored it lying on the ground,” wrote Turner in a letter to the apartment complex, sheriff’s department, judges and the editor of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

After taking the flag, Turner e-mailed Golden and asked if he would fly the flag at Forward Operating Base Delta, Iraq. Turner cleaned the flag and shipped it to Golden who was more than happy to restore the flag’s honor before returning it to Turner.

“The U.S. flag for me is more than just a piece of cloth to be flown or displayed as a matter of convenient patriotism or decoration. It is the one true symbolic representation of what our nation and her principles stand for,” Golden said. “Also, many great men and women have served in uniform, and in many cases, died for advancing freedom and democracy as well as the preservation and perpetuation of our freedom, liberty and way of life we enjoy every day which our flag symbolizes.

“It’s our flag, and people don’t always pay it the respect it’s due,” he said.


  1. Old Vet says:

    For weeks after July 4 I see scores of little Ameican flags put in people’s yards by a realtor (without their request) being trampled into the mud. I’ve never attached any importance to symbols like flags or crosses, so it bothers me not one whit, but when I see them I can imagine some folks going nuts over it.

  2. StevePerkins says:

    Yeah, I’m also somewhat skeptical of symbols… I have some Quaker background, in which undue reverence toward such things is regarded as idolatry. Even so, it does still bother me a bit to see a flag grossly mistreated like that.

  3. Doug Deal says:


    But to protect it means using the real basis of our government as a door mat. The flag is irrelevant, the Constitution is everything. How about if we up with a little silliness with the flag to help preserve the freedoms protected in the Constitution?

  4. StevePerkins says:

    Huh? I think you’re reading further between the lines than I actually wrote. I didn’t say I believe in flag-burning amendments and other such political pandering… I just said it bums me out to see a flag lying in the mud.

  5. Goldwater Conservative says:

    So I take it that Dan Turner will require elected republicans to prove that they are patriots with their voting record…rather than just wearing a lapel pin.

    One could only hope.

  6. “The U.S. flag for me is more than just a piece of cloth to be flown or displayed as a matter of convenient patriotism or decoration.”

    If I’m ever in a room with Bush or Cheney and I rip the flag of one of their lapels, I’ll be sure to repeat the above to the Secret Service agents. After they finish beating on me.

  7. Doug Deal says:


    I was not attacking your comments, I was extending them to add my thoughts on people who go crazy over flag burnings. They seem to mistake a colorful piece of cloth for a drab piece of parchment.

  8. Doug Deal says:


    How long have you been involved in practicing idolatry? What form does your worship of the flag take? Do you pray to it?

    Just trying to find out more about your religion.

  9. Roy says:


    Pardon me but Who the What???? Look, I just beleive in respecting our nations flag, as for releigion, I’m a whiskypalian.

  10. Doug Deal says:


    I was just doing the same thing you were attempting with thise comment:

    In the meantime, here’s some good news about flag haters…enjoy!

    If you can create a fantasy world and label people you disagree with as “flag haters” I can call you an idolator. It is clear by your choice of rhetoric that you know nothing of the other side of the argument.

    So go ahead and keep uing the Constitution as toilet paper.

  11. Rugby —

    I currently have no plans to rip the flag off of President Bush’s lapel or to get pummeled by Secret Service.

    And as coincidence would have it, top White House officials currently have no plans to meet with me.

    Neat how that works out.


  12. Romegaguy says:

    Andy you could rip it off of Jack Kingston’s lapel… no wait, he hates his country and doesnt wear one

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