There They Go Again…The NAACP Cites Racism in the “Barbie Bandits” Sentencing

I once said to my mother that the NAACP hadn’t done anything, in recent memory, to “advance colored people”; that they’re always out there citing racism and dragging down the credibility of their once great organization with foolhardy crusades that don’t make a whole lot of sense.

Later this evening, the NAACP will hold a protest in Marietta to once again cite “racism” in the sentencing of the so-called “Barbie Bandits” and their accomplices.

The state NAACP will protest what it calls “racial overtones” in the sentencing handed down in the case of the Barbie Bandits bank theft case.

Says Edward Dubose, the group’s president: “Let me be clear, a crime was committed and all those involved should be punished. But these sentences so obviously represent a severe miscarriage of justice that’s filled with racial overtones.”

Source: 4/7/2008 AJC Political Insider article “NAACP: ‘Racial overtones’ seen in Barbie Bandit sentencing”

For those of you not familiar, Heather Lyn Johnston and Ashley Nicole Miller (the so-called “Barbie Bandits”) robbed a Bank of America branch last year and then foolishly went shopping at Lenox Square spending their recently acquired wealth. Michael Darrell Chastang, who has a string of drug convictions going back to 2001 and was convicted in 2003 of possessing a firearm, was the alleged mastermind of the heist and had the book thrown at him; 10 years in prison followed by 15 years on probation.

Nothing racist about that.

The man was a criminal; a repeat offender and deserved to go to jail. What possible “racial overtones” could be seen in that?

Well, according to the NAACP, it’s a “severe miscarriage of justice” for a repeat offender (who just happens to be black) to have a harsh sentence leveled at him for committing a crime. Now I’ll tell you exactly what the NAACP is thinking…

…They’re thinking that Michael Darrell Chastang didn’t get 25 years for being the brains behind the Barbie Bandits and for being a known criminal. Oh no; what they’re thinking is that Chastang was given a 25 year sentence from a white judge in white Cobb County because he corrupted two innocent, sweet, and pure white girls; and that (gasp!) he might have slept with them too. In other words, the NAACP thinks that Michael Darrell Chastang had the book thrown at him for socializing with white women. Maybe this is why Cobb County Commissioner Annette Kesting loathes white women so much.

I’ve got to tell you that, in my book, the NAACP ranks just a little bit higher than the Spotted Owl Society and their “protest” this evening may very well put them below the Spotted Owl Society.


  1. middle-ga-gop says:

    I don’t agree with you very often Andre, but you are right about this. The NAACP does more damage than good. But if they didn’t cry “racist” in every situation that happens to involve race, they would be out of a job.

  2. A case can be made that the NAACP has done a lot of good on the national level. But here in Georgia — where the Atlanta branch held a rally for Vick and the President of the Atlanta branch NAACP questioned the credibility of Vick’s co-defendants and said an admission of guilt may be more about cutting losses than the truth, coupled with this foolish gesture about the sentencing of a seasoned criminal — causes the NAACP to be perceived as irrelevant.

  3. joe says:

    “For those of you not familiar, Heather Lyn Johnston and Ashley Nicole Miller (the so-called “Barbie Bandits”) robbed a Bank of America branch last year …”

    Actually, there was no bank robbery. The teller was (allegedly?) in on it too, so the four of them were committing a theft, not a robbery.

    I do not know if the teller has been found guilty, and if so sentenced, but there is more to the story.

    The real question becomes whether or not the mastermind should get a tougher sentence regardless of race. I tend to think that he should, but don’t know if all of the sentences are consistent with what the courts generally hand out. Fortunately, there are lots of lawer-in types on PP.

  4. OleDirtyBarrister says:

    No, the real question is whether Chastang, a man with a prior history of felonies, was sentenced in a manner that other felons with prior felonies have been sentenced. Of course, the fact that the two teenie bopper perps who did not use guns or engage in violence and have no prior history were sentenced for felonies consistent with other offenders is irrelevant. The NAACP saw a comparison it likes better, which is black versus white. Of course, there is a reason that the people employed there, at the ACLU, and so on rather than in a more meaningful occupation.

    One that plays an essential part in a crime such as bank roberry, e.g., a lookout standing outside a bank or one driving a getaway car, would be equally culpable as one who walks up to counter, demands the money under threat, and walks out of the bank. It’s called complicity. Thus Chastang was complicit in a bank robbery and he had a prior felony history, which meant enhanced sentencing.

  5. Bill Simon says:

    The NAACP doesn’t care one whit about laws written and passed by WHITE FOLK! All laws passed by White Folk are inherently racist in the mind of the hacks at the NAACP.

    (No doubt Rugby will jump on here and accuse me of being racist).

  6. John Konop says:

    The other factor is how much the defendant cooperates with the police. If the defendant helps with convicting a bigger fish with a prior record I would think that would be taken into consideration. I am sure a lawyer on the PP could expand on all the issues in consideration via sentencing.

  7. Rick Day says:

    Another thing we don’t need, another black hungry mouth to feed in The System ™

    In the Sys-tem…

    Without research, I’m skeptical of what kind of criminal record Chastang actually had; after all he did work as a teller in a bank. How bad could his record be?

    Of course, it makes the whitefolk world safer that slutty little white girls can get a slap in the wrist, and the black male gets mandatory minimum 10 years.

    Racism? White judge? Cobb County?



    Blame it on the NAACP. Right.
    Good lord…you…you..ARGH!

    Time for me to send them another $100. In “Racist” Bill Simon’s name.

  8. juliobarrios says:

    Whether it’s Michael Vick or the “mastermind” behind the Barbie Bandits, if you’re going to judge the state of black affairs based on what the GA NAACP zeros in on, you’ve got to say things are looking pretty good for your average black man in Georgia.

    As a side note, I’ve always found it hilarious how the press referred to Chastang as the mastermind behind the operation – as if the robbery plan was developed by Albert Einstein.

  9. juliobarrios says:

    If I were head of the NAACP, I would quit making a mockery of my organization by focusing on celebrity criminals and idiot thugs. But of course most of the leadership is nothing more than publicity whores who making their living through being “known”.

    As a white man I can still admit there are plenty of injustices done to black men, albeit far less than decades ago. I would start with the biggest, real injustices first; such as the black men on death row (or serving life sentences) who had “third world” legal defenses. It seems as if there is a black man released from jail every year based on DNA evidence.

    Then I might look at the abysmal dropout rate for black male high school students. I’d try and look at some alternative solutions, since the amount of money we’ve thrown at the current system is rapidly outpacing inflation – with inferior results.

    These issues are a lot less glamourous then kissing Mike Vick’s behind or getting on TV to defend the “mastermind” svengali behind the Barbie Bandits..

  10. Jane says:

    Was the sentencing unfair? Yes, the white girls should have gotten more time. Are blacks more likely than whites to get on Death Row for a murder? Yes, execute more White murderers. but not lessen the sentences for Black Criminals. Do currupt white politicians like Bill CLinton get an easier ride than currupt Black politicians? Yes, but the answer is not to forgive currupt black politicans, but to increase the humiliation and punishment of White crooks.

  11. juliobarrios says:


    Do you have any evidence of typical sentencing for first time offenders versus repeat offenders to back your “white girls should have gotten more time” statement up?

  12. Jane says:

    I did not say they should recieve exactly the same amount of jail only that they should have received more.

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