Rep. John Lewis, Like, Totally Stressed Out

I feel for the dude; listening to lawyers and advocates harangue you all day long about why it’s so awesome to save failed Atlanta housing projects would put anyone to sleep. From APN’s Matthew Cardinale:

“They (Rep. John) Lewis and AHA (Atlanta Housing Authority) came in together. John Lewis was falling asleep,” (Diane, President of the Resident Advisory Board and Hollywood Courts) Wright told Atlanta Progressive News after the meeting, adding that his behavior appeared erratic, and that he kept waking up in outbursts.

“John Lewis was sitting there like he was tired to death. That man didn’t want to hear what Lindsay (Jones, private attorney for the Resident Advisory Board and Hollywood Court) had to say,” Wright said.

Full report from the meeting that failed to engage Lewis’ undivided attention here.


  1. AubieTurtle says:

    Shirley Hightower and Anita Beaty both in the same place. I’m surprised the congressman’s head didn’t explode from the insanity. Perhaps nodding off was his brain trying to protect itself.

    Didn’t Hightower recently say that she thinks that the AHA is killing residents so they can make a profit selling off housing projects? A quick Google shows that she insists that Obama is going to be killed because “they” won’t let a black man in power.

    As far as Anita goes, her record of insanity is long and well known. Her enabling of bad life choices has done more harm to the homeless than anyone else I can think of. Having lived next to a well run homeless shelter for over six years, it is easy to see the difference between those who want to help the homeless and those who, for reasons of income, ego, or forced community, want to perpetuate the problem.

  2. Harry says:

    Hightower and Beaty are the ones who should be stressed. The problem with such poverty pimps is they offer no long-term fix. The only fix is found in individual self initiative. Lewis and everybody else but them realizes it. Even Obama realizes. Ya don’t have to be a ho no mo.

  3. candlerpark says:

    These Anti-Redevelopment people are a total bunch of freaks. I heard some of the leaders on WRFG a couple of weeks ago & they could barely make a lucid point. They talk as if the demolition of some crappy projects is like a holocaust . . . Look at how the redevelopment of East Lake has affected an entire section of the city! These ‘activists’ have a vested interest in the staus quo. I say blow all the projects up & replace them with something better. Give the residents section 8 vouchers and let them all move to better quality housing . . . Many of them will even leave the city altogether, moving to suburban sec. 8 housing.

  4. AubieTurtle says:

    There are many reasons why people oppose redevelopment of housing projects and many reasons why some want to coddle the homeless, but everytime I hear Hightower or Beaty talk, I get the feeling that they’re mostly concerned that they wouldn’t have friends if they didn’t have the economically disadvantaged trapped in close proximity to them.

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