Blog To The Death

The blogosphere – where only the strong survive. From today’s NYT:

They work long hours, often to exhaustion. Many are paid by the piece — not garments, but blog posts. This is the digital-era sweatshop. You may know it by a different name: home.

A growing work force of home-office laborers and entrepreneurs, armed with computers and smartphones and wired to the hilt, are toiling under great physical and emotional stress created by the around-the-clock Internet economy that demands a constant stream of news and comment.

Of course, the bloggers can work elsewhere, and they profess a love of the nonstop action and perhaps the chance to create a global media outlet without a major up-front investment. At the same time, some are starting to wonder if something has gone very wrong. In the last few months, two among their ranks have died suddenly.

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NOTE: Full-time blogging is immensely stressful, and very bad for your health. Even though this isn’t San Francisco, I’ve been blogging for three years straight now. And yeah, sometimes right on through morning; I am indeed 15 lbs. heavier and a whole lot meaner’n when I started out. So I’m going on full vacation as of… right now! Leaving the laptop at home. Going cold-turkey. Kinda. (Got the iPhone though in case I need to cheat. It’s Nicorette to that pack of the Malboro Lights I did so once love.) Somehow I think the Interwebs will carry on without me.

Now where did I put those flip-flops from last summer…


  1. It’s just like anything else in life, you’ve got to have balance. If you spend every waking moment blogging you’ll get yourself into emotional and physical trouble. If you spend every waking moment at any job you’ll get yourself into emotional and physical trouble.

  2. Bill Simon says:

    …In the year 5555
    Your arms are hanging limp at your sides…Your legs got nothing to do…
    Some machine, doing that for you…

    Perhaps we won’t have to wait until 5555…the blogosphere will hurry us up faster and turn bloggers into nothing but heads sitting on a table…blogging with only their th0ughts being transmitted through the air….

  3. Rogue109 says:

    I am indeed 15 lbs. heavier and a whole lot meaner’n when I started out.

    Really, SpaceyG? No crap? You are mean now? None of us had noticed!

  4. Roy says:

    Have a good vacation! Lay off the smokes and chill with a good glass of Bourdeux. Hope you enjoy yourself. I’m off to Paris and Cairo this thursday & can’t wait, leaving the dell at home.

  5. StevePerkins says:

    I’m not so sure that this is a new development. Ever since the invention of the printing press, there have been a lot more people wanting to write than there are people wanting to read (the only thing that makes blogs “innovative” is the fact that readers, through comments, get to do most of the writing!). Supply and demand… since when have we ever NOT had a legion of people feeling like they’re entitled to “professional writer” status because a regular job is unappealing? I’m not exactly sure that the parallel to sweatshops fits.

  6. Rogue109 says:

    I’m still wondering how Erick will be able to cope without all the ad revenue that SpaceyG has said previously her posts generate on PP…

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