1. Bill Simon says:

    “Barr forms exploratory committee..”

    Barr should spend his time exploring the inside of his rear end as that is where his head has been for most of this decade.

    This guy is a pathological screwball. Which, I realize, may make him a fine candidate for the Libertarian Party.

  2. liberator says:

    Maybe it is the Nanny Statists GOP and Dem Candidates who are the pathological screwballs. Vote Libertarian! Heck we couldn’t even get a miniscule tax cut out of the GOP in the GA Legislature this year. What good are they?

  3. Carpe Forem says:

    This was on Bob Barr’s issues page:
    The Fair Tax is well researched and represents a realistic alternative to the current oppressive method of taxation.


    Our National Defense policy must renew a commitment to non-intervention. and The proper use of force is clear. If attacked, the aggressor will experience firsthand the skillful wrath of the American fighting man.

    I wonder how Neal Boortz will handle this one?

  4. Bill Simon says:

    The Fair Tax does nothing to rein-in spending by Congress. It just changes how money is collected. Yeah, boy, that’s a great thing for this country!

  5. StevePerkins says:

    I’m starting to accept the reality that conservatives and libertarians from Georgia have their lips firmly wrapped around the FairTax crack pipe. It’s not even worth rehashing all the arguments over why this is retarded, because the debate has nothing to do with reason… hardline government-haters see Boortz’s book cover with the “IRS” logo crossed out, and their brains just completely shut down from there.

    However, you have to tread carefully and walk a tightrope. Right now if you’re not at least sympathetic to the FairTax, you can’t build support among blogger-geeks and heavily active “GOP Saturday Breakfast” attenders. However, Joe Sixpack who ISN’T a political junkie has either never heard of it, or thinks it’s crazy once the whole thing’s been explained. Therefore, you have to be “for” the FairTax enough to please the activists, yet not push it too far.

    Barr seems to have found the most intelligent tact for handling that. “Hey, I think it’s a great idea and support it. However, to be properly implement it we’d first have to repeal the 16th Amendment… we have to honor our Constitution at all times. Therefore the FairTax is a long term proposition.” I like that… it shows the crazies that he’s really thought it through, while subtly reassuring us sane people that it’ll never happen.

  6. bc_its_right says:

    I find the play of words on this tax issue very interesting. Many were on the supposed “Tax Reform/ Fair Tax/ Tax Cut” bandwagons – which was nothing more than a tax “shift”. Apparently, some out there think the average citizen doesn’t realize what is really going on. There was strong push for many to jump on the respective tax band wagon of HR 900 and I for one was amazed at how many of the “sheoples” were ready to follow some over the cliff. Yep, if you weren’t on the band wagon – many tried to alienate and some even control the media – did i say that?

    Well, guess I’m just not a politician, nor am i interested in being politically correct – the truth hurts – but somebody had to have the guts to do it.

    just sayin

  7. IndyInjun says:


    Thanks for such a succinct post on the brain-dead insistence on the Fair???tax by so many otherwise sane, conservative folks. You really nailed it.

  8. StevePerkins says:

    Just checked the website again. In the betting pool, who had “24 hours” as the over/under on how long it would take Bob Barr to out-fundraise the previous frontrunner in the LP nomination race?

  9. philosophicalnudity says:

    Bob Barr seems better than the current candidates, but he is going about this the wrong way. He should start early next election cycle and pick one of the two big parties. My preference would be for him to pick the Democrat Party so he can teach them a thing or two about economics and he will get tons of main stream media coverage. Doing it this way, he won’t get any main stream media coverage, and he will not stand a chance. Does he expect us to believe that he can do better than Ron Paul did as a Republican, and do so as a Libertarian Candidate? I don’t think so. Smart people shouldn’t think such stupid things.

  10. StevePerkins says:

    Ron Paul (and for that matter, Joe Lieberman in 2004) showed that if you’re more than the SLIGHTEST bit out-of-step with a major party’s grassroots, you may get some media coverage… but you won’t break single-digits in the primaries. However, Ralph Nader has shown that all it takes is pulling a percent or two in some battleground states to make major parties pay more attention to your views.

    In this cycle, libertarian-minded voters have the rare luxury of seeing both approaches between Paul in the winter and Barr in the summer. I really don’t see how Barr could make MORE of an impact by waiting to be “Ron Paul, Vol. II” in the 2012 GOP primary… and the notion of him running as a Democrat is just silly (on that turf, he’d lose to Mike Gravel).

  11. bowersville says:

    If you want to believe that either major party is paying more attention to the Green party by Ralph Nader running go ahead and delude yourself.

    If you believe Barr’s run on Libertarian ticket is going to draw from GOP voters, I believe you are mistaken and I’m being respectful.

    Barr will draw the conspiracy theorists quacks, the John Birch Society Nuts and the true Libertarian loyalist that would have never voted GOP in the first place.

  12. StevePerkins says:

    The Dems might not be explicitly embracing the Green Party, but they are definitely running further to the left than they were in 2004 or 2000. Frankly, I could care less whether the GOP embraces “libertarianism” per se, or just adheres to a more libertarian-leaning direction and claims it was their idea all along… so long as the pressure is applies that makes them shore up the flank either way.

    I think Barr will do much better than you predict, certainly here in Georgia particularly. Either way, your reasoning seems to basically be, “You can’t win outright, so there’s no point in running a campaign at all.” To that I can only reply, why not? Given this year’s field of candidates, we literally have nothing else to do.

  13. bowersville says:

    Perkins I have one other problem and it is HUGE. Donkey Kong brought up his contact with those that were openly anti-semitic among RP’s supporters.

    I’m not quoting but your answer was that they had tens of millions of dollars and they had to have an outlet somewhere.

  14. StevePerkins says:

    Yeah, yeah… here we go again. Three points:

    (1) I have no doubt that a tiny fringe of anti-Semites backed Paul in the primaries, and agree that it was retarded of Paul to not publicly repudiate their support more forcefully. However, your implication that all of Paul’s 30 million dollars (or even a non-trivial percentage of it) is just flat-out silly.

    (2) There’s no sign that this wacko fringe is migrating to Barr. For one thing, Barr is much more focused and savvy than Paul… he picks a limited set of talking points, stays on message, and doesn’t ramble off on commentary about Israeli defense. There’s no bait on the hook to reel in anti-Semites, and Barr would probably be smart enough to repudiate them if they showed up anyway.

    (3) I personally like, and actually have a lot of respect for, most of the Republican posters that I talk with on this blog and at the occasional YR meeting… despite our debates on various issues. However, and take this with all due respect, I don’t really listen much to lectures from Republicans of all people on how to clean out bigots from my ranks.

  15. bowersville says:

    What’s the matter Perkins, you won’t disavow the anti-Semites? I’m waiting.

    Does the anti-defamation league need to question Barr?

    Are you open to liberty to all or not?

  16. bowersville says:

    Besides what the h*ll do you think it is rambling about Israeli defense. Barr doesn’t want to P#ss off the anti-Semites.

  17. Jace Walden says:

    Perkins is dead on, again. Someone from the GOP trying to accuse another party of “not purging the bigots from its ranks” is the pot calling the kettle black.

    This coming from a party only in control of the Governor’s office because its candidate promised to let folks vote on the “stars and bars”.

    I don’t want you to take this the wrong way, Bowersville, because I respect you…but I will have not problem laughing you down if Bob Barr takes the 1/2 of 1% that could have propelled John McCain to a victory.

    So go ahead, lump us all in with the anti-semites and the 9/11 truthers if you want to. I know, that’s what you GOPers do. Fine. Do it. But don’t cry to us when you have to say the words “President Clinton or President Obama” this time next year! 🙂

    And yes, I will disavow the anti-semites and the 9/11 truthers.

  18. liberator says:

    Despite the fact I/ve been in the Insurance Business for 31 years and happily married for 28 years and a former athlete I guess because I support candidates like Barr who actually believe the Constitution is more than a piece of toilet tissue I’m a nutcase.

  19. Chris says:

    Barr would be as welcome in the Democrat Party as Kucinich would be in the GOP. Don’t forget that Barr lead the Impeachment of the Democrat’s Reagan – Bill Clinton.

    And Perkins – my bet is that by the end of the campaign Barr will have raised more money that all previous LP Presidential candidates going back to Clark/Koch in 1980.

  20. StevePerkins says:

    bowersville, I’m not sure how much more clearly I COULD disavow anti-Semites than the post above. Does that horn you’re blowing have more than one note?

  21. drjay says:

    i suppose this is pointing out the obvious–but when barr “became a libertarian” and accepted an official position w/ the party–lots of folks said oh he’s gonna run for prez–he denied it, his supporters denied it, other libertarians threw their hat in the ring, he joked w/ boortz that maybe boortz should run, and reiterated that he was not just a month or so ago on boortz’s show–ad now he is running afterall–i don’t know that all just kinda screams swarmy politician to me–does anyone really believe this was an epiphany born of the last 2 weeks—this man was on the floor glad handing fellow gop’s at the state convention just last year…

  22. StevePerkins says:

    I hear you, drjay, but a lot has happened in recent months. When Barr joined the LP two years ago, there was NO way to predict that Ron Paul would end up raising $30-40 million dollars and galvanize tens of thousands of libertarian activists. I doubt that Barr could have forseen a serious possibility of running two years ago… had this been a normal election cycle (i.e. the LP candidate stands to raise a few hundred thousand dollars and amass one-half percent of the vote), I doubt he would have considered throwing his hat in the ring.

    As for your second point, there’s nothing about affiliation with a third-party that means you HAVE to hate major-party supporters or sever ties with them. I myself attend Young Republican meetings whenever I’m able, and am a dues-paying member of the RLC (so are a couple of others Libertarians here that I’m aware of). Other Libertarians have ties to Democrats. We still vote in primaries, and still vote for races where the LP isn’t fielding a candidate.

  23. Goldwater Conservative says:

    What a joke!

    Not my problem…you GOPers out there should be worrying about this.

    If I were at the DNC, I would be pulling everything together to aid Barr in pulling votes away from McCain.

    The question stands…will Barr be the Republican “Nader” for the 2008 General Election.

  24. IndyInjun says:

    McCain is the Bob Dole of 2008, a man who has alienated so many in his own party by abandoning conservatism as to be unelectable.

    Of course the GOPers like to blame Barr, when it was they who denied real conservatives a choice.

    I might vote for Barr, but it surely won’t be a vote ‘stolen’ by Barr.

  25. Jace Walden says:

    If the GOP cannot win on its own merit, then that doesn’t say much about the HolyGOP™, does it?

    The GOP cannot be “fixed from the inside”. And anyone who still thinks it can, can only be described as delusional. Perhaps the LP is not the answer either, but it is the only place left for people who want to decrease the size and scope of government and increase the size and scope of individual freedom, choice and responsibility.

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