1. StevePerkins says:

    Are they really “disbanding”… or did the Speaker simply take room 216 away out of spite, so they’ll have to pick a new name after they find somewhere else to meet?

    Jokes aside, this sucks.

  2. RuralDem says:

    Yeah I visited the website and read the statement. It kind of puzzled me though. I mean, I know the GOP likes quoting Reagan, but what has the 216 group done exactly? I also found it odd the group was started when the GOP took over, and it ends 4 years after, when the GOP still runs things.

    I dunno, it just seems weird that the group is suddenly disbanding.

    To those who are/were fans of the 216 group, at least it was started. I still can do a Google search on the talks of a Democratic Rural Caucus in the state legislature and it saddens me that it was never even given a chance.

  3. Carpe Forem says:


    That’s the beauty of Freedom. What people do with it is their own business. If someone wants to turn himself into Papa Smurf, it doesn’t effect or affect me. The policies of the crackpot GOP and Dems of barrow and spend or tax and spend, does.

    Plus, this guy used colloidal silver to fight against the threat of Anthrax. Your HOLY GOP Administration advised us to use “plastic and duct tape.” The prior is scientifically sound while the later is pretty “nutty.”

  4. Donkey Kong says:

    So…when are we going to abolish the Department of Education like we said we were going to do in 1994?

  5. Brian from Ellijay says:

    They will be back, just as an opposition group running for speaker in the fall. And that is not saying that Representative Graves will be at the helm, but someone will.

    Any bets on who all will be running for Speaker?

  6. Chris says:

    I snark that, but from what I’ve seen Porter has shown himself to be a much more dignified leader than Richardson has.

  7. juliobarrios says:

    Big fan of the 216 Group, but it’s going to take a lot more than some guys with little seniority to overthrow the Speaker. Think how many times attempts were made at Murphy.

    IMO, Keen and Burkhalter will have to sign off on any coup.

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