Martinez Abandons Bid for U.S. Senate

Democrat Maggie Martinez released the following statement today announcing her withdrawal from the U.S. Senate race.

It is with great regret that I announce my retirement from the United States Senate campaign. I have learned a lot and have been honored to meet the beautiful people from the state of Georgia. Whether it was the young, old, women, men, African-Americans, or Hispanics, I could see the great diversity that Georgia has to offer and what makes this state strong. We have more things in common than things that divide us. We share the same concerns of where this nation is heading, and the good thing about this election year is that we are asking tough questions and listening carefully to elect the best candidates.

Unfortunately, our current system carries a heavy burden on the ability to raise the funds to compete with an entrenched Republican incumbent Senator. After evaluating the situation prior to qualifying, it is in the best interest of our party that we narrow the field and remember that our opponent is Saxby Chambliss and not one another. I will, therefore, suspend all campaign operations so that we can have a healthy primary and our resources can be concentrated on electing a Democratic Senator from Georgia.

I will continue to remain active and advocate for the ideals we hold true. The stories I have heard as I traveled the state, the change that is wanted in every town I visit, and the high energy from Democrats and Independents will stay with me and give me the strength to continue supporting our values.

I want to publicly thank my campaign team and the committed supporters of our campaign, including Maritza Calderon, Gail Pope, Elyzabeth Armstrong, Flor Hernandez, Jose Alayon, George Andujar, Nancy Cardona and my husband Pedro L. Maldonado for all their help and commitment with this campaign.

Maggie Martínez
Former Democratic Candidate
US Senate [GA]


  1. Jane says:

    Martin probably talked to GALEO and got the support of immigration amnesty crowd. That was Maggies primary issue and he sole source of support. I think immigration reform will be the hot issue in the Democrat primary.

  2. Demonbeck says:

    Maggie woke up and had something to say to us. Its early April and she was going to get taken back to school. I know she would have kept us amused but in the end she would have felt she was being used. Maggie shouldn’t have tried in the first place.

    She stole SpaceyG’s heart and that’s what really hurt.

    Will she ever run again?

    Maggie May.

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