1. Goldwater Conservative says:

    I do not think that the GOP in Georgia should work to bankrupt the state for the sake of reelection.

    Cagle is has it right. Elections to the various offices are staggered for a reason, and this is a keen example of why.

  2. Chris says:

    Richardson’s “compromise” completely missed the goal the LG was trying to make. An income tax cut in 2011 will do jack squat to stimulate a flagging economy in 2008.

    The speaker is addicted to his ego and needs to go.

  3. albert says:

    The Speaker is shy of a full load. While I’m sure he has his reasonings, he has proven to be full of crap. He’s a demagogue and an UN-principled leader.

    For the good of the Party, not to mention the state, he ought to step aside. But that’s wishful thinking.

  4. Painterman says:

    The Speaker has been talking for over 2 years about how to give tax relief to the citizens of Georgia. It is asinine for the Lt Governor to block a vote on the floor of the Conference Committee on the matter. Twice there has been a compromise bill ready for a floor vote only to have the Lt Governor block it. It is obvious to me who the real nut is and it’s the Lt Governor. He will not do his job and allow Senate override votes as he should, he is a waste of Tax Payer money for the job he is doing down there! If he’d concentrate on doing his job and not running for Governor, he and Georgia will be better off. How could anyone vote for someone who can’t even do the job he’s supposed to be doing now!

  5. Bill Simon says:


    “Clearly,” eh? Do tell us how a “10% cut in the state income tax phased over 5 years” amounts ot anything much more than everyone paying an average of $50 less per year in taxes?

    Do you (or your hero in the Lt. Guv’s office) have any inkling of the mathematics of irrelevant tax policy?

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