Good, but . . .

We’re one down in Clayton.

Clayton County Commission Chairman Eldrin Bell called for the resignations of all school board members Wednesday night —- moments after board Chairwoman Ericka Davis said she was stepping down.

“They’ve become totally dysfunctional, and it’s time for them to step down,” Bell said Wednesday night. “The public has called for it, every group has called for it. It is time for this board to depart.”

Bell’s request came moments after Davis announced her resignation, effective April 11. Wednesday’s was her last school board meeting. She said goodbye to the board and pleaded for the community’s support in helping the district save its accreditation.

“When Rome is burning, it is not appropriate to throw logs onto this fire. The appropriate thing is to grab a hose,” Davis said as she wiped tears from her eyes.

“You can’t keep throwing logs and matches on this school board,” she said. “The community has got to come together and work with this board to meet the nine recommendations.”

We’ll see if the others go. I won’t hold my breath. I get the impression that too many of the members care much more about themselves than the children, though they hide behind the children and say they can’t leave because of the children.

Considering they’ve run the school system into crapper, we might ought to have them all arrested for child endangerment.

Oh, and grow up and stop bitching about SACS being unfair. It has not treated Clayton any differently from any of the other schools it oversees. I’m not great fan of the organization, but Clayton is getting its just desserts in this case.