Barr to form exploratory committee Saturday.

According to this post at the American Spectator.

When former Rep. Bob Barr arrives in Kansas City on Saturday for the Heartland Libertarian Conference, organizers expect him to launch an exploratory committee for the Libertarian Party presidential nomination. Barr is meeting with his political team on Friday to firm up plans. Right now, he’s expected to fly into the city at about noon Saturday and address the conference in the early afternoon.

The Barr launch is getting to be an open secret among conference-goers. Advocacy Ink, the firm that handles Barr’s public relations, is advertising the speech to local and national reporters. Mike Ferguson, the de jure organizer of the conference, is scrambling to deal with a crush of new media requests.

OK. Assuming Barr becomes the LP’s nominee, how does this impact the race for President? Would the roughly 20% of Democrats who currently say they’ll abandon the nominee consider Barr? Would disaffected Republicans who don’t like McCain vote for Barr?


  1. ramblinwreck says:

    I think it helps Democrats. As Ronald Reagan said, the heart of conservatisim is libertarianism and the Libertarian message is more liberty, smaller government and all those other things to which the GOP now only pays lip service. Some Democrats may cast a spite vote for him but they can’t be counted on in large numbers because most Democrats will not buy his message.

    Given how popular Bob is with the GOP faithful he will draw a lot of votes.

  2. Jace Walden says:

    The day that Barr announces his candidacy is the day the GOP’s day of reckoning for giving small government an eight-year golden shower.

    I can’t wait to hear all of the Republicans whine about how this is going to throw the election to the Democrats. My response:

    Too f*cking bad.

  3. Burdell says:

    Jace, I couldn’t agree more.

    What’s going to throw this election to the Democrats is the National GOP c. 1998-2008.

    I for one will not blink twice before voting for Barr if he’s on the ballot, given the alternatives.

  4. Jason Pye says:

    The day that Barr announces his candidacy is the day the GOP’s day of reckoning for giving small government an eight-year golden shower.

    You put that so eloquently.

    Barr was on with Hannity this afternoon. He sounded like a candidate.

  5. Roy says:

    I remember Barr, took him 4 years and over 50,000,000 just to prove a politician lied.
    That’s conservative?

  6. liberator says:

    Barr for Prez! There is no other hope for Liberty and Small Government. McCain and Obama are Nanny Statists. Vote Libertarian! There is no substitute!

  7. Jace Walden says:


    I don’t think Ron Paul is seeking the LP nomination. So I don’t think so. He’s just going to run against McCain and Obillary. I hope they don’t steal votes from him.


    I can be very eloquent for a stupid, mouth-breathing hick.

  8. Brookhaven says:

    The Republican Party needs as anonymous a nominee from the Libertarian Party as is possible, just like the Dems need one from the Green Party. In close races, the Libertarians will make a difference, so it would not be good for someone with name recognition to be on the ballot, especially with at least some degree of doubt among the GOP base about McCain.

  9. Carpe Forem says:

    There are many other candidates viing for the LP nomination and their efforts to promote liberty should be commended. That being said, if Congressman Barr does seek the LP nomination and if he manages to secure the nomination (not a “done deal”, knowing libertarians like I do, he’ll definitely have to earn it), he’ll give the voter’s a real choice come November for the reasons stated in this weeks column by Jason Pye.

  10. Carpe Forem says:

    If the above scenario does take place, the next biggest question is:

    Will liberty loving, fiscally conservative, Bob Barr supporters be booted from hmmm, Erick?

  11. Jane says:

    Ron Paul light. Bob have really gone off on the deep end in the last few years. He will not have a major influence on the election.

  12. IndyInjun says:


    RedState has not been kind to McCain. His taking up of the Bush 43 mantle might not overcome those deep differences.

    The Iraq thing is about to do a 180, with even GOP base support evaporating.

    Then McCain will look like a carp out of water.

    Barr has done a really good job of distancing himself from the worst presidency in US History and will get a lot of votes.

    America is decidedly unhappy with the current choices.

  13. StevePerkins says:

    It will be interesting to see if the LP convention-goers would nominate Barr. There’s no telling what direction those folks will be leaning in this year. I’m still scratching my head over the nomination of that Badnarik whack-job in 2004. The moderate backlash against THAT resulted in some serious moderation of the Party platform in the 2006 convention. Now bloggers on the Internet are promising a hardline backlash against THAT in the 2008 convention. The split between moderates and outright-anarchists in the LP is just as bad as the division between economic and social conservatives in the GOP… except that the LP has never had a “Reagan-figure” who’s ever successfully united them.

    I wish that I had made the sacrifices in my schedule last month to be able to attend the state convention, so I’d be eligible to go to nationals this summer. If Barr won the nomination, my vote this November would be a no-brainer.

  14. ProfG says:

    Steve, the LP’s “Reagan–figure” who united them for 2 years was Ron Paul, 1987-1988. But then a lot of his supporters followed him back into the GOP, a la RLC.

  15. Chris says:

    Denver is easier to drive to than Portland for many people, so the kooks will be more in force.

    That said, if the LP Powers-That-Be ramrod a Barr nomination down the throats of the LP membership then it might just cause the bloody-kook-purge that could make them a viable party.

    And _if_ they become a viable party, you may see a splinter of the GOP.

    Still – this is a 2 party system and will always be a two party system. If the LP becomes credible – or any third party at that, it will become a substitute minority party in heavly blue/red states.

    Georgia would become a GOP/LP state with the Democrats being the weak third party. NY would become a Democrat/LP state with the GOP as the fringe party.

    How the alliances would play out in Washington would be the real interesting thing.

  16. bowersville says:

    and if the LP party is to become dominate it will become LPINO (RINO).

    Besides, if you keep driving west to Portland, there is no where else to go.

  17. liberator says:

    Ron Paul will endorse Barr soon. How anyone can vote for Anti-Liberty folks like McCain and Obama is beyond me.

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