The Tanalach Media Conspiracy

Several posters on the forum site keep referring to the Tanalach Media Conspiracy and that Paul Broun was not sworn in as congressman. I have been around politics for a long time but I have never heard of the Tanalach Media Conspiracy. What are they talking about?

I tried google and get nothing.

I think we should update Congressman Broun’s wikipedia page to clarify our inside joke. Someone is going to think he’s got the Illuminati after him.


  1. Icarus says:

    Joke? JOKE?

    You Tanalach guys are all the same.

    Laugh if off if you want, Erickson. We’re on to you.

  2. bowersville says:

    The conspiracy theory continues. Wiki or not.

    There is a question as to whether he was sworn in. Fox news had Broun on today to talk about zero earmarks and they even introduced him as Congressman.

    But how can we trust Fox news, they got zero Peabody Awards.

  3. Chris says:

    And why did Paul Broun get no earmarks?

    Because he’s not a congressman., thats how.

    Wake up people, all the evidence is before your eyes!

  4. Jace Walden says:


    First they tried to ignore us–(Never “officially recognizing the thread of dreams)

    Then they tried to silence us–(Cutting off the thread of dreams)

    Now they are trying to malign and marginalize us.

    Erick. Erickson. We. Wont. Go. Away. That. Easy.

  5. Clayton says:

    This thread is already the #1 google hit for “Tanalach Media”. The net effect is that now I have to form a different LLC for my side business so the prospective clients don’t think this is some redneck version of the grassy knoll. 🙂

  6. Doug Deal says:

    Anyone else notice that the anagrams for Tanalach Media are pretty alarming:

    Indicating that they are into violence:
    Maniacal Death
    Maniacal Hated

    A Caiman Lathed
    A Thalami Caned

    Cruelty to animals:
    Dalmatian Ache

    Had something to do with the New Orleans Flooding from one of the canal levies:
    Canal Death Aim
    Canal Hated Aim

    They are threatening legal action:
    Claimant Ahead

    “Alternative Sex”
    Animal Cheat Ad
    Anal Cheat Maid

    Insults to posters on PP
    Maniac Deal Hat

    And a reference to GOPeach being banned
    A Maniac Halted

    This conspiracy has no end.

  7. Icarus says:

    Come on people.

    Am I the only one that realizes that the homepage on their website is the same parking lot on Jekyl that “Linger Longer”, the company Erick claims to have never heard of, wants to develop condos on?

    The conspiracy gets deeper, and now has a link to deep pockets and deep water. If we keep digging, we’ll all be in deep shi….

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