1. Good Job CL. I guess this one concerned me most:

    The 19th Annual Golden Sleaze Awards
    Published 04.02.08
    By Thomas Wheatley and Scott Henry

    “The In Times of Drought, I Carry Water Award”

    EPD Director Carol Couch: If the state’s economic boosters worried as much about Mother Nature as the environmental agency did the economy, we’d be in a blissful state of balance. Couch, director of the state Environmental Protection Division, caused a brief uproar last month when Fox5 TV uncovered evidence that she overrode her own agency’s judgment and gave a pass to state Transportation Board Chairman Mike Evans to build a Wal-Mart on a stream in Forsyth County. Evans and some of his boys were blocked by the agency, and their business development was in peril. The Wal-Mart deal ultimately foundered. But the director proved she’s as adept at playing politics as she is at carrying water for the governor.

    Fox Atlanta Couch – Evans Expose:

    Georgia EPD Website:

    Georgia DOT Website:

  2. rugby fan says:

    Hey Wheatley, no commendation for all my work trying to get Paul Broun sworn in? Or how I have shown I dare to dream? What about how I always think of the children?

  3. Rugby,

    Paul Broun, who has yet to place his vampire hand on the Good Book and take the oath of office, is currently serving as a rogue politician. While I commend your efforts, we cannot recognize guerilla legislators. Gorilla legislators, however, are another story.

    Your daring to dream makes my heart sing daily.

    With all this talk about thinking of the children, have we ever wondered if the children ever think about us?

  4. It was the 2001 one session and it was a practical joke that was played on a freshman House member (who is still in the House).

    7 years later, I’m still waiting for the pending revenge.

  5. drjay says:


    Does Luigi’s Restaurant in downtown Augusta still have photos of Newt in each booth?

    i do not recall an over abundance of newt pix last time i was there?? lots of autographed golf pix and master’s badges however..i’ll have to look again next week…

  6. Holly says:

    Dr. Jay! Please let me know when you get into town. Hope to see you and your wife then. 🙂

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